About Us

About Us

We are a German family company established in 2016. Making children happy is our main passion. Our MISIOOn is to offer the highest quality products that guarantee the best and safe at the same time fun for children.


Gwiazdki Gwiazdki

Misioo in numbers



Our company has been operating since 2016. The past few years have been a huge growth dynamic and the conquest of international prestige markets.


Acknowledgment and coverage

Our brand is recognized worldwide! We have delivered our products to all continents


A dedicated team

Misioo currently employs over 100 people, including top-class specialists in the field of design and production technology.



Every year we see a sales increase of at least 50%, which confirms the satisfaction of our customers.

Safety and quality

We take care of the quality of our products like no other, constant further development and the highest quality of the materials used have top priority for us.

Gwiazdki Gwiazdki