Each period of a child’s development requires adjusting specific toys. The older the child is, the more needs and interests it has. The best type of toys are obviously blocks which are available in many different types. They develop imagination, creative and logical thinking and they improve manual skills. Of course, these are not the only advantages of blocks, but we are sure that it is worth investing in them because they are beneficial for your child’s development. Which blocks to purchase for a one-year-old child? Which are going to be the most suitable? What to keep in mind while choosing the first toy blocks for your child?

Why is it worth purchasing blocks for a one-year-old child?

Toy blocks for kids have many advantages. On the market, there are available many types – from plastic, through wooden, to cardboard ones. Before deciding on choosing the blocks, make sure what they offer and what are their advantages. With no doubt, the blocks are beneficial for a child’s development on many different stages. In the beginning, a child can only turn them around in hands. Later, it starts to throw them, and match them by their shapes. After some time, you’ll see huge constructions made by your child for blocks. You have to be aware that your child learns quickly and it develops new skills faster than the adults.  

The blocks definitely develop a child’s imagination. With its buildings, your child is trying to replicate the world that’s surrounding it but also the world from cartoons. Moreover, playing with blocks teaches concentration, patience, and persistence so all the features that most kids are missing. If kids want to build a skyscraper or a simple house, it requires a lot of engagement and many trials. Because they will want to reach their goals, they will learn that there’s no thing that’s impossible to do. Children who love to play with blocks, learn how to join them or how to build a tower, so that it’s stable and durable. It’s got a positive impact on the intellectual development of your child. If you already know what are the benefits of the block toys, it’s time to learn when to purchase them and what are their types. 

When is the right time to buy the first blocks for children?

The blocks are the type of toys that are suitable basically for any age range. It’s often said that the earliest time to buy them is when a child turns one. With such an approach, you can see what are your child’s interests and adjust the right type of blocks. While deciding on wooden blocks, you have to check for what age they are. You’ll find this information on a box in a visible place. For babies, who haven’t turned 12 months, the best are toys made of fabric. Their great features are the large size and safety of use so you don’t have to worry that your child will harm itself. The advantage is the fact that your child will not be able to swallow them. 

Different types of blocks are dedicated for the older children. The toy blocks can be made of plastic, wood or even cardboard. There are various types available but we don’t recommend them for few-month-old toddlers. The blocks available in our offer are made from safe materials only, so you can be sure that they will meet your child’s expectations and will bring a lot of fun. The vast range of our products helps to adjust them to the age of your child, allowing them to bring a lot of fun even to the youngest. 

What are the types of blocks for children over one-year-old?

The first blocks should be adjusted to the child’s age. You can get both sets or single pieces. If you want to choose the perfect blocks, you may slightly struggle with it as on the market you can find:

  • construction blocks
  • magnetic blocks
  • wooden blocks
  • sensory blocks
  • plastic blocks
  • soft blocks for toddlers

As you can see, there are a few types that can make your choice more difficult. Reading the description will help you to see which are the most adequate. 

The most popular are plastic blocks which have some advantages but also some drawbacks. First of all, you have to be aware that they are very durable but once a piece breaks, it may become hazardous as it will have sharp edges. Moreover, plastic toys are widely known for many years as they replaced the wooden ones. They gained a large number of supporters because they are colourful, and they allow to create beautiful constructions according to an example from a box. This way, your child can gather a large collection of different characters which will look originally. 

Wooden toys are an amazing alternative to the widely used plastic ones. Their great feature is the natural material used in their production. Back in the days, they were the only type of toys as the plastic wasn’t invented yet. The wooden blocks have this advantage that they can be used in many different ways. One piece can be used as a car, locomotive or a part of a building. There are many applications of such toys. Even though the plastic toys conquered the wooden ones, the latter are becoming more and more popular again. Most importantly they are safe as they are durable. Depending on the choice, each set of wooden blocks has pieces of different patterns and weight. However, it is obvious that kids love to play with them. Moreover, they are adjusted to every age group and they develop creativity, imagination and manual skills.

What to pay attention to while purchasing a set of toy blocks for children?

You should choose the blocks correctly so your child won’t harm itself, no matter if they are plastic, construction or magnetic blocks. So what to pay attention to? First of all, the quality of the elements. Of course, block sets will never be the same but some may contain pieces that will be sharp and may cause cuts. The quality can be easily verified if you buy them in an ordinary shop. It’s enough to check if they are certified. Most often it’s CE and EN71, which are required to be sold in the EU.

We also have to remember about the purpose of blocks. For what type of games they are and for who. In the case of older children, the blocks can be more advanced, whereas, for babies, you’ll have to get some colourful, fabric blocks. Also, we have to remember that when we buy blocks, we decide what we get. This is why we have to make aware decisions and compare products wisely. If you still haven’t found the perfect toy for your child, we invite you to the Misioo store. Our toys are adjusted to all age groups and they passed all safety standards required by the EU.