Canopies for children are mainly decorative elements that perfectly decorate toddlers’ beds and introduce a mysterious atmosphere to their bedroom. Among the huge number of designs that are available in our store, you will surely find a model that perfectly matches the interior intended for your children to rest. Canopies have their supporters and opponents. Are they safe for children? Is it worth choosing them? And if so, what are they?

Canopies for children

The canopy is most often associated with exoticism, a trip to the Middle East, or “Fairy Tales from One Thousand and One Nights”. Canopies, apart from their purely decorative function, are also very practical. Draft, too strong light, insects and noises – all this means that in the blink of a window our child’s restful sleep may be disturbed. Canopies for children have been winning the hearts of parents and their children for several years. They guarantee not only a restful sleep, but also an uninterrupted rest in a beautifully decorated bed.

If we want our toddler to sleep all night and wake up full of energy in the morning, the canopy should be the perfect solution. Its advantages can be especially appreciated during the summer, when the temperature outside the window is higher, and we want to leave our toddler in a cot with the window open. What to consider when choosing the perfect model? How to install a canopy yourself?

A canopy in a child’s bedroom

A room for a boy or girl should be a cozy, warm place that evokes positive emotions, and on the other hand, as practical as possible. Thanks to this, taking care of your child will be even more comfortable. The room’s decor and its equipment are the most important elements that build the atmosphere in a room for fun and relaxation, both during the day and at night.

Before we start choosing the pattern, color and material of the canopy, we should buy a suitable frame that will be the perfect support for our product. There are three basic types of structures on which the baby canopy will be attached. The first is the canopy on a rim, which is attached to the wall, and then the material is attached to it. The second solution is children’s canopies on a curtain rod mounted on the ceiling.

However, it should be realized that in the case of both of these options, we have to interfere with the wall structure. If we want a less invasive solution, we can choose a canopy on the frame. This structure is mounted directly to the cot frame. When choosing a frame, we should check its stability and durability, because it is about the safety of our children.

The quality, thickness, pattern and colour of the material

The material from which the canopy is made should be at the same time airy and as natural as possible. The canopy is a real magnet for dust and mites, so we must be aware that proper care and regular washing of the canopy is an absolute must. Our offer includes high-quality models made of quick-drying and easy-to-clean fabrics. A canopy for children is not only a functional gadget, but also a beautiful decoration of the space where the little ones spend their time.

So we should choose it so that it matches the interior design and the bedding for the crib. In stores with such products, a huge number of various models are available, which can be easily adapted to the arrangement of a child’s room. However, we should avoid very intense colours. Canopies in red, neon and shades of yellow may look effective, but they also stimulate children and even discourage them from sleeping. It is definitely better to choose navy blue or old pink that you will find in our offer.

Are children’s canopies safe?

There is a group of people who are convinced that children’s canopies are not a good solution. According to them, they are an unnecessary element of the toddler’s room decor and are a place of dust and mites deposition. The first thesis relates more to the individual preferences and tastes of parents. The second, however, is not entirely correct.

First of all, the canopy has a unique use, because it protects the child from dust and if it is regularly cleaned, it does not pose a threat even to children who are struggling with allergies. The amount of dirt the product will collect depends mainly on the type of material the canopy is made of. The thinner, more airy and softer the fabric is, the less dust it will absorb.

If you want to buy a canopy for a cot for your child, check our offer and choose the model that will perfectly match the arrangement of your child’s room.