Chairs are the type of equipment that is necessary for a child’s room. There are many products offered by different companies, but the choice isn’t so simple. Often, when the offer is big, it is more difficult to choose an ergonomic chair, even because of the variety of patterns. How to choose the right chair that not only will be comfortable but also practical and functional? Also, a chair that will have an unusual design? Our guide is coming with help.   

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a chair for a child?

There’s a huge variety of chairs made for children. They have different designs, constructions and components used in production. That’s why it is worth knowing which factors are vital while choosing one. Before the purchase, you should find the right place where you will place it. In such a way, you can estimate the maximal size of such a piece of furniture. However, it is worth mentioning that a chair is not an obligatory child’s room equipment. 

More necessary are toys, which your child will play with. These are also available in our MisiooHandMade shop. In the case when a room is small, but the purchase of a chair is necessary, the perfect idea will be to buy a pouffe chair for a child. In such a way, you can avoid the clutter effect in your child’s room.

The available models for children:

What is the right size of a chair?

A child is continuously growing, so the choice of the chair may turn out challenging. The best model will be the one that will grow with a child. Also, there’s a possibility to choose a slightly bigger chair so it can be used longer. The perfect chair must be comfortable, but also a child has to be able to sit on it on its own. It’s not only about being able to sit on it without anyone’s help but also about keeping the right posture while sitting. 

It means that a child has to touch the floor with its feet and its knees have to be in the right angle. Unfortunately, these are the perfect assumptions and often hard to achieve. Why? Kids constantly grow, so the pouffes and chairs are becoming too small for them. 

What colour will be the best for a child’s chair?

Remember that the colour and the pattern of the child’s chair is an important aspect. Kids love vibrant colours, and when a piece of furniture has an interesting pattern – their dreams come true. On the other hand, the room arrangement also has to be taken into account. Moreover, children stain a lot, so an ideal choice will be a bit darker cover. Stains on black furniture won’t necessarily be invisible.

A lot depends on the type and the fabric weave. This is why the patterned upholsteries are going to be perfect, as the stains on them won’t be so visible. The pouffes and chairs offered by MisiooHandMade are available in many different colours and patterns, so it’s easy to choose a model that matches the interior design and a child’s taste.

Upholstered chair – comfortable and ergonomic solution

An upholstered chair reminds more of a living room design than a child’s room one. It shouldn’t confuse parents. The popularity of such furniture is increasing each year. The chairs are inspired by the models for adults, and more often they are purchased to the child’s rooms. Although, it’s better to not exaggerate. While one accent will not make any harm, putting more vibrant pieces to a child’s room will be too emphasized. The child’s room design just can’t be too serious. 

Recently, foam chairs became more popular – you can find them at the MisiooHandMade store. They are available in many designs, so it is easier to choose one for a child’s room. They are made from high-quality materials, so they are durable, as well as they present well. 

Pouffes – an alternative to the traditional child’s chairs

What to do when there’s not enough space for a chair? Pouffes are an astonishing alternative. Usually, they come in the shape of a cube or a soft cushion which can be easily and quickly put to a wardrobe. Cube-shaped pouffes which have storage space inside are an amazing solution to small interiors. This is because they can be used as a toy organizer. Cushion pouffe is made out of soft fabric which is filled with special granules. Kids are really keen to use them because they are light and can be taken anywhere without any problem.

The high-quality pouffes are available in the MisiooHandMade store. They are a great choice if there’s no space for a traditional chair in a child’s room but we want to make sure that our child has enough comfort. The designers’ seats which are in our offer are going to be the ideal furniture which will definitely play their function in your child’s room.