What to pay attention to while choosing children’s clothes? What your child should wear in a stroller for a walk? What clothes size to choose?

The autumn-winter period can be difficult for all of us and especially for children who are the most prone to the harsh weather conditions. One of the most common dilemma of fresh parents is choosing clothes for children. We often hear to put on many layers. What to pay attention to? What to put on for a walk in a stroller? What clothes size to choose?

What to pay attention to while choosing children’s clothes?

What type of clothes should children wear in the autumn-winter period? Definitely warm, comfortable, and these which don’t limit child’s moves. Every parent should know each type of clothes for such a season, however, sometimes young parents aren’t fully aware. So what is so important except for beautiful design?

The foundation is a high-quality fabric used in children’s clothes production. In the autumn-winter period, the weather can be harsh. If your child is active and loves to spend time outdoors, you have to make sure that your child’s clothes are warm and comfortable. You have to remember that thick fabrics are not always the best choice. It is worth checking labels and product descriptions in order to choose the best clothes. Cotton, tweed, fleece and hydrophobic material are the best fabrics for children’s clothes. You should avoid acrylic which is artificial and non-breathable, and often it imitates cotton.

Another important factor is the type of cut. The autumn-winter season requires choosing loose clothes to guarantee comfortable movement. A great choice are tracksuit bottoms or a slightly oversized onesie. Both for babies and older children, we recommend trousers with some elastane added and sleeveless jackets. Winter children’s clothes should also be in a specific colour. The older children are, the more often they want to have an impact on the choice of their clothes. Vibrant colours of clothes have another advantage. Your child will be visible from a long distance, so you won’t have to worry that it’s going too far away from you. The children’s clothes producers offer a wide range of colours which makes their design amazing. You will find interesting products in the Misioo store. Which colours to choose? Definitely mustard yellow, navy, red, and intense pink. Very popular are clothes in the colour of bottle green. 

Parents often forget about another important aspect while choosing children’s clothes. Easy of maintenance and keeping them tidy is also crucial. Shoes are one thing but onesies, pants or bodysuits shouldn’t be forgotten. While playing, kids don’t care about staining or breaking their clothes. Autumn and winter weather is not the best for light colour clothes. For such a season, it is important to choose the right type of fabric. We should check if the clothes can be put to a washing machine, or if they have to be hand washed. The easiness of putting clothes on is another important factor that cannot be missed. Kids don’t like to change their clothes often. Comfortable shoes should be with velcro and clothes with buttons or zippers. 

What should be the size of autumn clothes for children?

People often ask about the size of children’s clothes. Some say that such clothes should be well-fitted, while others say that they should be slightly oversized. So what to choose? We think that it’s better to buy slightly bigger garments. A longer jacket may turn out a great choice because children grow fast. If you can’t afford two jackets for the autumn-winter period or change trousers for indoors and outdoors, then choose clothes that are slightly oversized. You shouldn’t buy well-fitted clothes because after a short while they will be too small. In spring you’ll have to do the clothes shopping again. The best choice are going to be clothes that can be regulated in the waist area. 

Children’s jackets for autumn and winter

For autumn and winter, you should be well-prepared. Cool days can be harsh, for this reason, your child’s wardrobe has to be equipped with a jacket, hat and a scarf. The best choice will be a waterproof jacket which will be great no matter the weather is. From what fabric it should be made? Hydrophobic material will be definitely durable, polyamide and polyester are also going to be great. What style it should be? Definitely, it should be a sports jacket because kids love to be active and enjoy running around and playing. This is why it has to be comfortable and it shouldn’t limit a child’s moves. Once the temperature drops down below 10 Celsius degrees, it’s better to purchase a quilted jacked that will ensure warmth. 

An amazing trend for kids clothes are vests and sleeveless jackets which can be used during the warmer days. Your child will be able to move freely while wearing them. This type of jacket will be perfect for a bike ride, walk or other activities. Underneath it, your child can wear a warm hoodie. Another great idea are wool coats that before were associated mostly with adult clothes. Nowadays, such clothes are also made for kids. 

Hoodies and sweaters for boys and girls 

A hoodie is a universal type of clothing that every child has. They can be worn both by boys and girls. We recommend you to purchase a few pieces of such a garment. What styles are the most common? The hoodie is a classic model that is popular among many customers. You can’t forget about jumpers that are an alternative to hoodies. While choosing them you have to pay special attention to the type of fabric. Both clothes for toddlers and for older children should be fully safe and not cause any allergic reactions or irritations. Child’s skin is very sensitive, for this reason, clothes for autumn and winter should be made from cotton or other ecological material. 

For children, winter jumpers are an amazing solution. They are amazing not only to use at home but also while visiting a family. If you’ll match it with a pair of trousers, you’ll make an elegant creation. At Misioo’s offer, you’ll find not only winter children’s clothes but also those for other seasons. All of them are high-quality and have interesting designs. However, the most important is that they are fully safe for children. 

Autumn tops for children

Tops are an important part of wearing many layers during the cold days. In the autumn-winter period, child’s wardrobe should be equipped with many t-shirts and longsleeves that can be worn over a bodysuit or underneath a jacket or a warm sweater. High-quality tops should contain mostly cotton. Another great idea will be a flannel shirt that you probably recognize. Both t-shirts and shirts can be worn with cardigans. Due to the fact that children are more active and they sweat more, they need more tops. Always, the best option is to wear a few layers, so the top ones like a jacket or a coat can be taken off. 

Accessories for kids

Winter is a special period when not only adults can be affected by the harsh weather conditions. Snow and rain, cold temperatures and strong wind – are the weather conditions that are expected in these seasons. We can’t forget about the basic, winter accessories. A winter jacket is not sufficient as children need a hat and a warm scarf. Such a set can be bought in most stores with children clothes. Thanks to technological development, we can buy accessories that protect sinuses. Children clothes, available in many stores, must meet strict safety standards, so you don’t have to worry that they may cause allergic reactions or other irritations.

To sum up, kids should wear many layers during the cold periods. The first layer should be either a bodysuit or a t-shirt, then a shirt or a jumper. There should go a jacket or a coat over it but also a scarf and a hat. The child’s clothes should be easy to wash and durable but at the same time, they shouldn’t limit a child’s moves.