The blanket is one of the basic elements of a children’s layette. After the baby is born, it quickly turns out that the blanket is almost indispensable. It allows you to wrap your baby up while falling asleep, so it can calm down. A baby blanket adheres much better to the body than stiff quilts, so it can feel like in a mother’s belly. The blanket is also irreplaceable when playing, walking, after bathing, driving a car, or in many other situations. How to choose the best baby blanket? What to follow?

Kid’s blanket – what material is the best?

When browsing baby blankets, you can quickly realize that the selection of the assortment is huge. The offers of manufacturers of accessories for children include, among others, knitted blankets, cotton, bamboo, wool, muslin, minky blankets, as well as blankets made of a mixture of all materials. Which baby blanket should you choose so that it warms the child’s body, but does not overheat it, and is pleasant to the touch, durable and practical? It is worth considering the advantages and drawbacks of individual materials, thanks to which the selection of the perfect products will be easier.

Cotton blanket

Cotton blankets are soft and pleasant to the touch. They are perfect for the youngest children, because they not only do not irritate their skin, but also do not cause allergies. Their advantage is that they let the air through, thus providing the child with thermal comfort. Cotton blankets can be washed many times at higher temperatures without fear that they will lose their properties.

Bamboo blanket

It will work practically at any time of the year, but only in the summer will we appreciate its advantages. Bamboo fabric has natural thermoregulatory properties, thanks to which it keeps the baby warm while preventing it from overheating. Blankets made of bamboo fibers are pleasant and soft to the touch. In addition, they have antibacterial properties and absorb moisture well. When deciding for a bamboo blanket, remember that you must not use softeners for washing it, which may lead to the loss of its properties.

Wool blanket

Among the offers of producers of accessories for children, woolen blankets are also worth paying attention to. They are perfect for colder days, which is why they are recommended for the winter season. Large wool blankets are warm, pleasant to the touch and flexible, thanks to which they perfectly wrap the child’s body. They can also be used at home. It is also worth emphasizing their properties – they are durable and practical. In addition, wool is anti-allergic because it does not accumulate bacteria and mites.

Muslin blanket

The muslin blanket is perfect for the summer period. It is airy, soft and delicate to the touch. On warmer days, you can use it without fear that the child will overheat. It is a great comfort for an infant who likes to sleep wrapped up when his skin breathes freely.

Minky blanket

Recently the minky baby blanket has been very popular. It is a combination of fabrics with cotton, fleece and sweatshirt fabric. Its advantage is excellent thermal insulation, thanks to which children covered with them are not cold during autumn and winter walks. The fabric is very soft and skin-friendly, and its advantage is flexibility.

Blankets matched to the season

When you decide to buy a blanket for a newborn, you may have problems finding a universal model that will work in all conditions. Products of this type are divided into different categories. Baby blankets are available in many types due to the material they are made of. For winter walks, you can choose products made of thicker cotton or its combination with fleece. Knitted baby blankets, bamboo blankets or a combination of cotton and bamboo fibers will also be a good choice. In spring, a blanket made of cotton and flannel will be the best. On cooler days, a minky blanket will be perfect, and in the summer you can choose a muslin product that is more airy.

What should you pay attention to when considering the quality?

The better the quality of the product, the longer it will last. A baby blanket made of high-quality material will certainly retain its properties after repeated washing, which of course is inevitable. It is also important that the product is carefully finished, as the exact seams of the product affect the child’s safety. Babies’ skin is very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, you should take care of it through proper care and selection of appropriate clothes, bedding and blankets, which will not cause allergy or irritation. Baby blankets have a great impact on their comfort, so you need to make sure that they are made of a fabric that does not contain any harmful substances. It is best to choose products that have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate – it guarantees the safety of the fabric even for a few days old child.