Arranging a child’s room can be a real challenge for parents. Creativity and aesthetics are not the only factors that matter in this case, as the room has to be practical and functional. A child is constantly growing and developing, which affects its taste and requirements, so the furniture should be chosen wisely. The best option is the purchase of such furniture that “grows” with a child, so it can be used for many years. So what furniture to choose for a child room? What to pay attention to and where to start?

Planning – the first step to arrange a child room

A child’s room isn’t a space that is easy to arrange and equip. The needs of a young and developing person, are a fundamental aspect while planning its room design. Different types of furniture are going to be needed for a baby, child or a teenager. However, it doesn’t mean that the room arrangement has to be changed every few years. Obviously, innovations are unavoidable but not to each element of a room.

The key element to obtain a beautiful and functional interior design is planning the arrangement ahead. Due to that, our child will love its room and it will enjoy spending time there. While planning, it is worth to draw a sketch with some ideas. This will help in measuring furniture and checking if it fits in a room. While drawing such a sketch with the room equipment, don’t forget to keep the right proportions, so you will avoid unnecessary spendings.

How to choose furniture for a children’s room?

The room has to be adequate for the child’s age. If it already attends to a kindergarten or school, it has to be equipped with basic furniture such as a desk and a chair. We can’t forget that a well-adjusted bed is essential. If the room will be used by a baby, we can choose the type of bed that is “growing” with a child. First of all, it has to have regulable legs so the bed can be elevated. Another feature is the ability to remove the bed polls so a child can leave a bed without any help. This is how you can convert a baby bed, so an older child can use it.

No matter what bed we choose, even more important is the choice of the right mattress. First of all, we should choose a model that is double-sided and is waterproof. Moreover, it is worth purchasing a cover for the bed polls, so a baby won’t hurt itself. If we’re looking for a model for a few-year-old child, it is better to choose a slightly bigger bed, so it can be used for more years and there won’t be a need to change it after a year.

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The learning area in a child’s room is very important. This is the part where the furniture should be the highest quality. The children’s room should be equipped with well-adjusted desk and chair. The best choice is furniture that can be regulated, as they will be usable for a longer time. In the case of an older child or a teenager, a spot for relaxing also has to be well-planned. For the smaller interiors, it is worth considering the 3 in 1 furniture, so during a  day our offspring can sit or lay down and at night it can sleep there. A children’s room has to be equipped with organizers for toys so it can be kept tidy.

What’s worth remembering while choosing furniture for a children’s room?

The most important feature of children’s furniture is its safety. The best choice are the models made of wood, painted with ecological paints and varnishes. Many parents, often forget to make sure that a piece of furniture doesn’t have any sharp corners, however, it is vital to avoid such products. Many manufacturers offer furniture made free from adverse substances or harmful materials. Another important thing is to make sure that they are not built-in, so it will be easier to keep them clean and free of dust. 

A well-designed interior is important, no matter if it’s a child’s or adult’s room. Children pay special attention to furniture colours. However, sometimes parents have to interfere with the children’s decisions. Their role is to make sure that the room arrangement makes thair children happy and satisfied. While choosing such furniture we can’t forget about their functionality. All the wardrobes, drawers and shelves will help children to learn tidiness in their rooms. A wide range of supply available in our shop allows choosing something to any interior. Have a look at the detailed offer!