Play mats – types

Two types of mats are the most common in online guides. The first of them are educational mats to which various elements are attached, which are interesting especially from the child’s perspective. Some models have additional bows that allow you to hang a toy, a small mascot or a teether. Their task is to stimulate the child’s movements to reach out for all the toys. Thus, the toddler undergoes a specific training, which aims to teach him to grasp objects and hold the handles up for a long time. Foam play mats resemble a carpet. They are supposed to be placed on the floor, where they create a soft and smooth surface. This type of mat is usually chosen for older children and is used as a substrate for safe play in a playpen or room. Contrary to educational mats, it does not have additional arches to hang various gadgets, but it is colorful and is used for safe play. Therefore, if we have a baby at home, an educational mat will be a much better choice, but after several months it can be replaced by a carpet-like play mat.

What to pay attention to while choosing an educational play mat?

The primary criterion that should be taken into account is the safety of the infant. It must be soft enough to absorb falls, and at the same time hard enough not to impede the movement of the toddler. The material and its quality are also extremely important in this case. The material should meet all EU requirements and must have appropriate approvals and certificates. It is not worth saving on safety and material, because our toddler’s health depends on it. The educational mat should also support the child’s development, so we should choose it so that it matches the child’s age. Slippery materials that make it difficult to move every time, or those that are difficult to clean, will certainly not work. Children will certainly take many elements of the mat in their mouths, so only models that can be easily and quickly cleaned will work.

It is also worth bearing in mind the contrasting colors, which greatly affect the child’s visual development. It should be remembered that the patterns on the play mat are not too complicated. It is definitely better to keep it simple. If we are interested in educational mats with arches, we must check the strength of the fastening and the quality of the toys placed on them by the manufacturer. An additional criterion is also the ease of folding and storing the mat. In our offer, each play mat and educational mat are the highest quality products, which is why we guarantee safety, which is confirmed by approvals and certificates of our items. Thanks to this, you can be calm about the health of your child, and the toddler himself can enjoy long hours of play. Check out our offer, where we have many other products that can be adjusted to the age of your child.

What are the advantages of play mats?

The play mat has many advantages that will surely help you choose the right model for your child. First of all – a well-chosen educational mat or a play mat has a significant impact on the development of a toddler. Secondly – the vast majority of our products are made of the highest quality materials, and additionally they grow with your child. You can add additional items to them, which are also available in our store. Educational mats with a small, attached arch are extremely popular. This makes such a model ideal for babies and slightly older children. Most children love to spend time on the mat, because the toys attached to them are intriguing, regardless of age. Another stimulus is the partial unavailability of gadgets, which mobilizes the youngest to try to get the desired element.

In this way, the little ones develop their strength, brain, motor skills and eyesight. If the mat is additionally equipped with elements that emit sounds, the toddler also learns cause-and-effect relationships. Thanks to the educational mat, the child can play safely for hours, wherever he wants to. The toy is light and it decomposes very quickly, which is also its advantage. It will work as a gift for many years, and in addition, after many hours of play, children can take advantage and rest on it.