Every parent knows the situation when a child is complaining of being bored. Usually, it means hours of watching TV, and a mixture of crying and moaning. But it is possible to exchange boredom to something more creative. Playing games that require imagination and having fun together is a great solution. It is worth wondering what are the best ideas to spend time creatively. Here, the main indicators should be the child’s interests, so the time together won’t mean endless boredom.

The impact of playing

Probably all of us –  parents – want our children to grow for creative and resourceful people, who can deal with every situation. It isn’t a secret that during pregnancy, future moms read guides about the impact of different factors on the child’s development. It is worth mentioning that for a child there’s nothing better than having fun. Such activity is as important as moving outdoors, interaction with its contemporaries or healthy diet.

The first activities that our child plays are manipulative tasks. In the beginning, it randomly connects different items, moves and squishes them or even bangs and rotates. After about a year, it understands the cause and effect relationship between those actions and it starts to build towers and connect blocks. This is how a child improves its creativity. Slightly older children, mimic the behaviour of other inmates, mostly their parents who are their role models. In effect of these games, a child learns how to communicate with others. 

Meaning and advantages of creative games

In the aspect of growing up, the best for a child is playing alone. In such a time, it decides what it does and what happens around it. It can choose its own rules. the only limitation is its imagination and creativity. Parents’ role is participation in them and giving little hints, but under no circumstances they shouldn’t interfere in the rules set by a child. In such a moment, the child is a boss and parents are only a company. An example can be building a tower by a two-year-old. It will definitely deal with such a task, but not without the parents’ help.  

In such a way, a child will be motivated to action and will see that it brings the effect, so it will feel the joy of constructing buildings. Once the child reaches the goal, we should gradually leave the game and let a child play alone. Sometimes, when parents have too high ambitions and interfere in a game too much, often it brings the opposite effect. Moreover, a child will depend on the criticism, quickly will lose its confidence and won’t be interested in playing on its own. Our task is to make a child self-dependent, so it will be successful without our gratifications.  

There are many creative games but the most important are their advantages. Some of them are:

  • impact on imagination and creativity development
  • interests growth
  • speech improvement
  • communication improvement
  • memory improvement
  • increased concentration
  • motor skills development
  • cognitive development
  • participation in active games
  • emotional and social development

Due to these advantages, we shouldn’t limit our children from playing, as in such a way they develop in different ways. Instead of that, we should support and gratify them, and if needed – cheer them. Moreover, we should participate in these games but as a guest who wants to join but not impose its rules.

Learning with support of games

Kids absorb knowledge like a sponge, although, it doesn’t mean that brazen teaching will be an ideal solution. The situation is completely opposite! A child will quickly discourage, instead of waiting for another dose of knowledge. Kids learn the most while playing. There are many interesting games that can teach but at the same time be entertaining. It is vital that the ideas for creative games are shown in an easy and pleasant way, so from the first months, our child develops correctly. To children, fun is very important, because when they thrive in, they don’t see that they are learning at the same time. Moreover, creative games have a beneficial impact on senses development and they give the opportunity to think creatively and logically. 

Ideas for creative child games

There is a whole bunch of such games ideas. In the time of global digitalization, we often forget to not use modern devices for playing with our kids. Many parents make such a mistake by giving their children a mobile phone, computer or tablet. After some time, a child will get used to it and treat all the expensive devices as toys. Certainly, none of us would like our smartphones, often with business contacts, to be destroyed. It is worth making that extra effort and try traditional games. If you don’t have any ideas on how to do it, we present a few games which you and your child will definitely like. 

Alphabet bus 

The alphabet bus is an amazing game while travelling. It develops verbal skills, stimulates creativity and imagination, and broadens the knowledge about the surrounding world. For this game only a moment of free time and some fantasy is sufficient. The game is easy – a child has to give the name of each passenger. The difficulty is that each name has to start with the following letter of the alphabet, so if someone will be called Anna, the next person can be called Bob. Moreover, if a child is slightly older, to each name, it can add a profession, surname, and what they do. 

Seed transfer

The aim of transferring seeds is to stimulate perception and touch sense. It is important to use a different type of seeds that are in different colour and size, as well as various containers such as jars, bottles or cups. A child should be given all the accessories and start the fun. Intuitionally it will fill the containers in the size order but if it won’t you can give it little hints on how to play. There’s a risk that a child will put the little pieces to its mouth what can cause choking. For this reason, we recommend using cereals of different size and shape. This type of games helps to develop manual skills and eye-hand coordination. If we’d like to play on the floor, we can use a mat that will protect the child from the cold ground. 

Letter to yourself – a suggestion for slightly older children.

The letter to yourself is a game for children who know how to write. The only requires tools are a piece of paper and a pen. The game has a beneficial impact on the child’s thinking, it develops its imagination and it’s a great memory for the future. Moreover, it teaches how to write precisely and with a good style. The child’s aim is to write a letter itself like to an adult. Any topic is fine. The child can write how it feels, how was its day, what toys are in its room or what are its dreams. There are a lot of ideas, the most depends on what the author would like to write about.

The creative games for children – summary

To sum up, an idea for a creative game can come up in a moment and almost anything can be used to play. For children, the most important is to spend time with their parents while playing, as they are their role models. Children require lovingness and attention, even if they don’t talk about it. Of course, parents are tired sometimes and need to relax but it doesn’t mean they are released from the obligation of caring for a child. 

An amazing toy is the dry ball pool which is an alternative to the traditional wet pool. It can be placed at home, it’s easy to maintain and it gives a lot of entertainment to a child. It gives the possibility of many games, and buying some extras or making them on your own will ensure even more fun. While we relax, a child can throw balls into a basket or a bucket and every successful throw should be gratified with ovation. It will surely satisfy a child.