The dry ball pit is one of the best toys that parents can get. It is recognized as a brilliant alternative to ordinary water pools. It has a lot of advantages and it can be used by children of different ages. The right model and size has to be chosen according to the child’s age. The dry pool isn’t used only for playing but also for rehabilitation which is one of it’s best features. So how to choose the right model for your child? Which balls are the best? What are other positive sides of such a toy?

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What is a dry ball pit?

The dry ball pit is a toy that is getting more and more popular. As we mentioned, it is a great alternative to ordinary water pools. It can be placed both at home and outside – at a garden or a balcony. Usually, they can be seen in children’s amusement parks, and in shopping centres in the spots known as islands where kids can play.

A dry ball pool is a dream of every child. Even though they are not the cheapest toys, they will be definitely used for many years as they attract kids. Such an attraction for your child can be bought at MisiooHandMade, which is specializing in modern designs that are also safe. If you want to make the dreams of your child come true, we definitely recommend visiting our shop.

The available collections of the Misioo’s Dry Ball Pools:

What to pay attention to while choosing a dry ball pit?

The pools are available in different sizes, colours and they can have additional attractions. The choice of them doesn’t have to be easy. The producers want to meet all their customers’ expectations, and they try to diversify the youngest’s fun by adding more gadgets. 

While choosing a toy for your child it’s worth paying attention to a few important factors that will influence the purchase. First of all, the size is important. The pools are made of upholstery foam and a soft in touch fabric. At this point, we should make sure that the materials used in production have adequate certificates that a toy is safe for children. Another vital thing is the hardness quality and type of upholstery foam. If the toy is supposed to be used for many years, it is worth being aware that the only right choice will be the purchase of a pool made of better quality materials. A thin foam is getting used quickly, becoming hard, so it’s less and less comfortable to play. During uncontrolled falls while playing, it is possible to get painful contusions. 

The type of upholstery foam is essential but often forgotten. We blindly trust the producers, and we seriously take all the labels such as “The highest quality”. Let’s think if it’s not a marketing trick? The highest quality foam will be thick and hard, but at the same time, soft and elastic. Only such a material can guarantee our children’s safety. Also, it has to be able to come back to its original shape even if our children will bend and lay down on it. 

The high-quality dry ball pools should also characterize with the bottom that is about 1 to 2 centimetres thick. Probably you’re wondering if it’s much or little. To make sure we recommend to sit on such a foam for a few hours. Definitely, after a short while, some discomfort can be experienced. We all know that children have different ideas, and they will surely take the opportunity to jump to a pool filled with balls. This is why it’s better to choose the thicker bottom. Also, something else, like an additional foam, can be placed underneath.

While choosing such a toy, the cover is an element that is often skipped. Of course, it has to look great and match the interior design but it’s not everything. The high-quality cover has to be made of durable fabrics that are soft and pleasant to touch. We have to remember that it’s the first layer of a ball pool that has contact with child’s skin. In this case, there should be information from a producer that the cover is fully safe. Another necessary advantage is the ability to take it off. Why? First of all, it will catch dust which means that also different types of mites and bacteria. Moreover, there’s a possibility of staining the cover while playing, and a stained pool doesn’t look aesthetic. Additionally, an important feature is a zipper that certainly has to be hidden from the inside, so that the toy is not hazardous to a child. The covers that can be taken off can be washed, so it’s easy to maintain hygiene for our children.

Additional elements for a dry pool – solutions that make life easier

The dry ball pools offered at MisiooHandMade are equipped in additional elements that facilitate the basic activities such as moving from place to place. As we know, children love to play in different places this is why we have to remember that they will ask us to move a toy to a different room. If it’s supposed to be used outdoors, it’s good to place something waterproof underneath the pool. 

Many dry pits are already offered with balls in a set, but not all of them. Moreover, there’s an option to purchase some extra gadgets that will diversify our kids’ fun. Another necessary element is a cover where a toy can be stored when not in use. In such a way, it can be protected, and some space will be saved.

Which balls to choose for a dry pit?

Balls in a dry pool are an essential element, and if they are not included in a set, they must be purchased. Usually, they are packed in sets of several dozen. Additionally, they can come in different colours and sizes. In order to care for our children’s development, we should buy such various balls, however, the choice isn’t necessarily so clear. While choosing the balls, it is worth paying attention to a few fundamental factors. Firstly, the material that they are made of. Usually, it’s a soft plastic that is deformable, but sometimes they are made of a soft sponge. Same as the pool, the balls must have the certificates that will guarantee our children’s safety. 

The quality of the way the balls were made is another vital factor. It is worth mentioning that they are made of two hemispheres that are welded. At the last stage of production, their surface is polished so that the welding areas are perfectly smooth. However, not every ball will be perfectly smooth and it’s the nature of production processes. Sometimes there’s one that is faulty but if there’s more, it is better to not purchase these balls, so the children can be safe. 

How to choose a dry ball pool

The choice of such a toy should be defined by the size of a room where it will be placed, but also by how big is the child. The bigger the toy, the more fun a child will have, but placing a giant pool in a tiny room isn’t a good idea. First of all, it will clutter the room that will become less functional, and it will limit the space to move around. In such a case, it’s better to choose a smaller mode, so that the child has an access to it form each side. 

The type of the pool’s walls is also important. There’s a choice of the traditional ones made of the upholstery foam or blown pools. The first gives more comfort while playing, but it’s slightly more difficult in maintenance. The latter is popular due to its functionality. It can be used as a dry ball pool or as a wet pool. 

The pool has to be adequate to the stage of a child’s development. The older and bigger child is, the bigger the playing space should be. Kids love to play with balls, this is why it’s worth equipping the pool with some additional gadgets. It can be a tunnel to crawl underneath or a basket to throw the balls in. The possibilities are increasing, as most producers are trying to diversify their offers. At MisiooHandMade store, there are dry ball pits that can be easily adjusted to the child’s age and to the interior design of a room where it will be placed.

Is it worth purchasing a dry ball pool for a child?

The price of such a toy isn’t low, but basically, every toy shop has them in their offer. Thanks to it, you can choose something for your child to guarantee amazing fun. The pool is a great purchase that will be appreciated both by children and adults. Why? First of all, children will have fun for many hours and adults will be able to relax or do the home tasks where usually there’s no time for them. Of course, it is important to spend time with our children, but there are a lot of other duties, and the pool will guarantee a moment to do them. 

Sometimes it happens that we’ve got no time to play with a child. Such a toy will definitely let it to play on its own. Moreover, a child will be able to play with no limits. To make pool fun even more attractive, it’s worth buying some additional accessories such as a basket or tunnel. The more additions, the more versatile fun. We have to remember that we cannot limit our kids and the fun in a dry ball pool will let them develop their interests and abilities.

Is it worth investing money in such a toy? Of course! Thanks to the pool, our child will be able to play on its own without our help. Depending on the chosen model, it can play two functions – in summer the wet pool and in winter the dry ball pool. Even the pool made from fabric can be used outdoors, and fun at a garden will have a positive impact on a child. It can’t be forgotten that kids want to play, and we don’t necessarily have time and wish to do so. A great solution, in this case, can be the dry ball pit that can be purchased at MisiooHandMade.