The nature of children is that they love to play. Their parents want to give them as much as possible of entertainment, so they give their kids technological devices, which is not the best solution. Unfortunately, the world is getting digitized, where are more and more interactive electronic gadgets for the youngest. Often, such toys become boring very quickly, whereas kids need constant stimulation. An amazing solution can be the purchase of a dry ball pool.

What a dry ball pool is?

The dry ball pool can be compared to the traditional model, which is supposed to be filled with water. The difference is in the material used to produce it. Most often, it’s made from special upholstery foam. The bottom of a dry ball pool is about 2 centimetres thick, and the walls are even up to 6 centimetres. Moreover, this type of toy is filled with colourful balls instead of water.

The dry ball pool is a perfect solution for parents who want to give more amusement to their kids. Furthermore, it has a lot of advantages as it improves mental and physical growth. To make fun even more exciting, it is possible to buy extra accessories like a basket where a child will throw the balls.

Dry ball pools helps to improve mental development

The dry ball pool has a positive impact on a child’s development. Most importantly, the influence on a child’s psyche. Newborns see the world in two dimensions, and their vision isn’t developed as good as the adult’s one. Constant vision stimulation is necessary to obtain full maturity. 

Usually, the brain is stimulated by colourings, drawing and colourful blocks. Also, the dry ball pools can be a great tool to help a child to develop correctly. At the beginning of a baby’s life, the dry poll can be empty, but covered with contrastful fabrics. Later in its life the balls can be added, so that they stimulate the vision of the youngest family member.

Safe and practical toy

Dry pool definitely can be called a safe and a practical toy. Many parents who purchase such a toy, become aware of how many development possibilities it brings. First of all, it can be used as a playpen. Placing it in a safe area, parents can be sure that a baby won’t hurt itself, as it won’t be able to leave the pool. 

The producers also care for an additional security making dry pools that are child friendly. Firstly, it is soft and it amortizes any falls. Secondly, the pool can be filled with soft balls or cushions which ensure an additional safety.

Dry ball pool as a house decoration

The manufacturers of the dry ball pools also took care of the appreciative look. For this reason, there are constantly new patterns and colours of the toy fabrics coming out to the market. The new designs give the customers choice, so they can always pick something that will suit in their interior. 

At MisiooHandMade we offer the dry ball pits in a few collections: Velvet, Active, Eco and Smart.

Dry pool for a child at any age

Dry ball pools are not dedicated only to the youngest. Also, older kids love to play in them. It’s a great way to spend energy. The possibility of purchasing a basket or a gate makes the fun even more diverse. While purchasing a dry pool for a few year old children, it’s important to choose the right size. It may turn out that a child is too big for the pool which will have a direct impact on safety. 

It can be clearly seen that the dry pool is an amazing alternative that will do its job during cooler days when there’s no possibility to use an ordinary water pool. Although the choice may not be the easiest, the pool will bring a lot of joy to your children.

Where to buy a dry pool?

Your child will love the fun in a dry pool from the very first moment. However, it is important to know where to buy it. While choosing such a toy, good quality of components and safety should be considered. For this reason, it is better to pick the shops which sell only certified products.

For such a purchase, it is worth spending a bit more money, so the dry pool will be used for many years. The best will be a shop where toys of well-known brands are being sold, so you can be sure that it will pass all the required safety standards.

The purchase can also be done online which is the easiest and the quickest way to find the perfect toy model, that is also going to suit the interior arrangement. It is not recommended to buy toys from an unknown origin. Usually, the toys without any signs come from Asian countries, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that they have the CE certificate, which is compatible with European Union directives.

Which balls for the dry pool?

A dry pool without the balls wouldn’t be such an attraction for a child. That’s why it is so important to get the whole set with balls, which are not only great for fun but also for development and learning. It is especially crucial for the youngest children because even the simplest game can stimulate their senses for faster development.

Pool balls are usually packed in sets of 50 up to 1000 pieces. There’s a choice of single-coloured, as well as multi-coloured balls. For the youngest kids, it is recommended to buy the multi-coloured ones, as they better stimulate the sense of vision. 

While purchasing the balls, it is worth having a look at the joinings of the hemispheres. The surface should be smooth, without any sharp lumps, which could be dangerous for a child. Obviously, no one will check a thousand balls but checking at least a few would be sufficient.