Wooden house for children is a great way of arranging a garden and creating a place where children can spend their free time. It has to be prepared in a way that it meets the needs of both boys and girls. Little wooden kitchen or little DIY enthusiast tools are going to be the perfect interior equipment. Building a house for children isn’t that difficult, it only requires some time, but the effect and children’s satisfaction are going to be priceless. How to do it? Or maybe it is better to buy a premade one? 

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Why is it worth building a garden house for children?

Everyone remembers the fantastic adventures of children from Bullerbyn, where every reader was jealous of the ideas on how to spend free time. Nowadays, children more and more often use computers and smartphones. However, it is worth encouraging them to spend more time outdoors. Long evenings under a bare sky are great entertainment for children. But once it gets colder, they should play indoors, and where will be better than in a garden house made by their parents?

There, until the dawn, they can say different stories or make plans for future life. Also, it is an amazing opportunity to stimulate thinking and to develop their creativity. A little wooden hut is also an outstanding idea for a functional garden decoration. Once a child is grown up, you can convert the house to a tool shed or create a little spot for a DIY enthusiast. Of course, you can build such a little house but there will be more satisfaction from making it on your own. How? In the article below, we will show how to make it from scratch. 

Building a garden house – how to prepare it?

A garden house is an investment that many parents choose. If you have enough free space in your garden, you can build such construction on your own. Surely, your child dreams about such an attraction. Such an investment isn’t an easy task to do, but with a bit of will, time and with the help of this guide, you’ll be definitely able to make such a building. Constructing a garden house for children should be started with a project. This is a fundamental matter, as the house will be built based on it. First of all, it has to be safe, practical and it has to be designed originally. 

Such a house should be a space where children can play for many years. How to make a project like that and what it should include? On which elements to focus especially? Everything depends on what type of wooden house you want. A different approach will be required for a treehouse and different for a grounded one. In the implementation of the design, the only factors that are limiting us are imagination and financial abilities. Once the sketch is ready, there’s nothing left but starting the job. The second step will be the purchase of the necessary materials.

How to build a wooden house?

Wooden huts seem to be a difficult investment to build, but in reality, it can be different. The less complicated project, the easier will be to create an asylum for our children. Often, parents decide to order such construction from a company that specialises in such projects, but not everyone can afford it. For this reason, it is worth finding someone, who can help us. Maybe in our family, there’s someone who is a builder? Surely, anyone will be keen to help us to build such a child attraction, no matter of a profession.

Any help is precious because many steps will require it, mostly if it will be a treehouse. Another person can pass boards, hold them or do other necessary tasks. If we’ll move to the following parts of the project, step by step, we will definitely finish the house quickly. Most grandfathers, enjoy and passionate about such tasks, putting a lot of effort. This is why it is worth asking them for help.

Children house interior – how to arrange it?

The garden house is not only the construction but also the interior arrangement. Windows, doors, walls and all the boards should be impregnated, so during the cold, rainy days, the house will be weatherproof. All the details, even the smaller ones, must be tied up to perfection. Before letting a child play in such a hut, we must check it first in order to make sure it is fully safe. If the construction is on a tree, we must make sure that the boards are well hammered and hold the house reliably. Also, we can prepare the ground under the house, so in case of a fall down, a child won’t hurt itself so drastically. For this purpose, we can lay special shock-absorbing mats, even though it will take some extra time, we shouldn’t resign from this solution. 

How to arrange the interior of a garden house for children? It depends if it will be used by a girl, boy or siblings of different sex. With such a task, definitely, moms will do a better job, as usually, they have a better taste and the sense of aesthetics. In the case of girls, a kitchen is going to be the perfect element of a garden house interior. If our daughter enjoys playing the role of a housewife, there can’t be a lack of a doll bed, table, or chair. On the other hand, boys will enjoy an adventure camp, where little travellers can plan trips. In this case, there should be maps, binoculars, and boxes full of treasures. Also, we should decorate the walls and doors, so they look mysterious. 

Buy or build a garden house for children?

Surely, to many parents’ minds comes a question if it’s better to buy a premade house for their children. Purchase of one window can turn out expensive, not mentioning about buying the boards of the right type of a wood. If we compare the prices of both solutions, the cheaper one will be building a children’s house from scratch. Firstly, we don’t have to pay for the ready project, which includes materials and manpower. Secondly, the store’s marge is an additional cost.

Building such a house on our own, we pay only for the materials and the accessories for the interior. We are the designers and the builders, so we save most of the spendings. The interior equipment can be bought in many shops but also on our site. At Misioo, you’ll find floor mats, pouffes to sit and blankets for the cooler days. We recommend building a garden house for children from scratch, as it brings much more satisfaction in creating, than buying a premade house. 

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