Garden is an amazing place to play and relax. If you have a house with a garden, it is worth thinking about finding a palace or your kids to play among beautiful flowers, bushes and trees. On the market, there are a lot of garden toys, but what is the best to give you children, so they can play under the bare sky?

Permanently installed versus mobile toys

There are many ways to play in a garden. There is a choice of permanently installable toys, so the ones that cannot be hidden or moved under a roof in winter, but also the ones that can be moved and stored at home so you can take them out just for the day time. The choice is huge. 

How to choose the right garden toys?

While choosing the garden toys, the price and the financial possession shouldn’t be the only indicator. Of course, it is important mostly if a budget is limited, but there are a few factors that have to be taken into account before such a purchase. The variables that should have an impact on our choice are:

  • Child’s age and sex – firstly, the garden toys should be adjusted to the child’s age. There are different types of toys for a one-year-old, preschooler and child that attends to school. The older kids will definitely invite their friends, so it’s worth considering toys that can be used by a few children simultaneously.
  • The space in a garden – the amount of space we have in our garden is another important aspect. If there’s not that much area it will be difficult to make a real playground. In such a case smaller objects or only one toy will have to be sufficient.
  • Child’s preferences – it is worth consulting the choice with your child (depending on its age) to understand its preferences and find out what it wants to play in a garden with.

Safety first

Watching kids playing in a garden, we should be definitely happy that they have fun and enjoy their time instead of worrying that they may hurt themselves. This is why all the toys must be safe. Swings and slides that are permanently installed must be stable, strong and weatherproof. Moreover, depending on a child’s age, the toys have different safety standards. For example, toys for smaller kids should not be too high and cannot have sharp or small elements. 

Home playground

If we have a lot of space in a garden, but also a large budget, it’s worth considering creating a home playground for your child. Kids simply love to swing or play in a sandpit. A slide is also one of the kids’ favourite garden toys. Also, little ladders can be useful, so children can climb. A real playground in a garden? It’s possible!

Mobile toys 

Toys don’t have to be in a garden forever. Many toys can be taken out of a house to be enjoyed in the fresh air. Besides all the types of balls and sport accessories, a great idea can be a pool (not only the one that is supposed to be filled with water, but also the one with balls), or interesting games that are suitable for playing outside. An amazing idea are the toys that simulate the garden tools (shovels, rakes, or even little excavators or mowers). Thanks to such tools, children will learn how to take care for a garden, so it’s beautiful and well-kept, and surely they will appreciate the beauty of nature. Also, they will learn how to help in a garden.

Dry ball pool – wonderful for the youngest

For the youngest, a creative and most importantly, a safe solution will be a dry ball pool, that will train its sensory integration and will help to learn colours. Such dry pools are available in the offer. There’s a choice of round and square-shaped pools. Also, Misioo has many options for the colours and quantity of balls, and the price also depends on the choice of balls. A huge advantage of the pools is that its cover can be taken off to be washed. The materials used in their production are a durable, soft sponge and a knitted fabric that is stain proof. We highly recommend our products for your kids to be used in your garden.