Handmade clothes are more and more often chosen by parents. And no wonder, because most often these are tailor-made clothes and certainly unique. It is rare for two children to have the same clothes that are handmade. Of course, popular chain stores are still in the lead on the market, but we should think more and more often about what will be best for our child. There are higher chances of sensitization and allergies while wearing clothes that are mass produced, mainly in Asian factories, because the costs are much lower. This, of course, translates into more attractive prices, but the quality of materials is incomparably worse. Moreover, fabrics for the production of clothes are treated differently there. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose clothes that are handmade, thanks to which you will ensure your child’s safety and a unique creation that no one else has. Why is it still worth choosing them?

Perfectly sized clothes for the child’s height

On store shelves you can find various sizes of children’s clothes, but they are not always accurate and available. It sometimes happens that when you want to choose a T-shirt or other garment for your toddler, we have a huge range of patterns and cuts in the same size to choose from, but they are not always equal in length or width. Then a dilemma arises in which we consider choosing nicer clothes, but a bit larger, or sticking to the one that fits very well. When choosing handmade clothes, which are also available in our store, you have no problem with choosing the right pattern and size. The seamstress scrupulously takes the dimensions and then transfers them to the material from which she sews clothes for our child. In addition, she can sew clothes in such a size or with such solutions that it grows with the baby for some time. This means that there is no need to frequently incur costs associated with buying new clothes, and as we know – children grow quickly.

Unique patterns

Handmade clothes are unique patterns that cannot be found anywhere else on the street. This is one of the main advantages that makes parents much more likely to decide to buy hand-sewn children’s clothing. In addition, the motif can be adapted to the individual requirements of the child, which will surely make the T-shirt very enjoyable. If our child likes a fairy-tale character, it will have it as a motif, if he loves sport, it will certainly be used when designing an individual garment. It is also worth adding that by choosing such children’s clothes we have a guarantee that it is one of a kind and unique on a global scale. Most people purchase clothes in chain stores, which means that we can often meet people wearing the same clothes on the streets. In the case of handmade products, this is not possible.

High-quality materials and safety

Each parent knows that their child’s health is very important. Therefore, taking care of the baby and its delicate skin, we should choose safe clothes. This means that it will be a much better choice to order a T-shirt from a seamstress than to buy it in a popular chain store that sells mass-produced products. Moreover, in their case there are many unknowns, such as the composition of the material or the conditions of its storage. Children’s clothes must be of the highest quality, so if you can, you should opt for handmade ones. You can find many advertisements on the web that say “we sew to order”, which means that the customer gets products tailored to his individual preferences. In addition, he chooses the material himself, thanks to which he can be sure that it is completely safe for his health.

Are you buying handmade clothes? You support European producers!

By purchasing children’s clothes produced by European companies, we support local businesses. This strengthens the European market, which is flooded with Asian fakes of children’s clothing, which are of poor quality, and prices are dictated only by a badge with the brand name. Sewing children’s clothes is most often done by people who do not have huge sewing rooms that mass-produce T-shirts or shorts. Small entrepreneurs put much more effort into their work, thus providing very good quality clothes. The downside may be the price for this type of clothing, but we should not save on the quality and health of our child.