Since a few years, wooden toys are becoming more and more popular again. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that they are more sustainable than plastics which certainly have a more destructive impact on the natural environment. How are wooden toys made? What are their advantages? How to clean them? 

How are wooden toys made?

Older people remember wooden toys in particular, because only such were available on the market. Moreover, to purchase them you had to stand in long queues. People are creative, so there were also those who made wooden toys themselves. Creating such a masterpiece is not a difficult task, especially if you have the right tools for it. But how do you start?

Choice of the adequate wood

Deciduous trees are the best choice. The whole process starts with cutting it down. The wood is aged for several months to allow it to dry properly, then it goes to a carpentry shop or sawmill, where it’s dried additionally. When the moisture content of the wood reaches the optimum value, it is cut into smaller pieces, sometimes it’s formed into a cylinder shape.

The cut wood goes to a planer, which smoothes the edges and allows to get rid of the bark. Most often, special machines are used for the entire process, from cutting down a tree to forming a toy, but there are still many specialists who create them only with their own hands.

Toys created this way are certainly unique and contribute less to environmental degradation. It should also be noted that taking the time to make a toy provides high quality, uniqueness and the possibility of using it for many years.

Painting and moulding of wooden toys

Painting and moulding of wooden toys is also done with machines in modern factories or with the help of special tools. Wooden toys that are made of several parts require more accurate precision. It is necessary to cut the appropriate holes so that all the elements can match perfectly each other. The matter is much simpler when the toys are in one piece and are not made of many complicated elements.

When all the elements are ready, it’s time to paint. This is probably the most time-consuming activity. You have to do it with high precision and take into account the time needed for individual layers of paint or varnish to dry. Nevertheless, wooden toys are the best because they are distinguished by the precision, as well as the commitment and passion of the manufacturer.

When painting, it is extremely important to use appropriate paints. They must have all the necessary approvals that will guarantee safety. This is important because the toys will be used by children who often put them in their mouth.

Wooden toys and their advantages

One of the main advantages of wooden toys is certainly ecology. They are made of natural material, so they contribute less to environmental degradation, and thanks to the high-quality workmanship, they will stay with the child for longer. Also, playing with simple blocks stimulates the child’s imagination, which has a beneficial effect on his psychophysical development.

Wooden toys are also safe. They are rarely made of small elements, and thanks to their high strength, they don’t get damaged so easily, which means that there are no sharp edges that could cause a child’s injury. Wooden gadgets are intended for every age group, from the youngest to even several-year-old children.

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How to clean wooden toys?

Wooden toys are easy to maintain. They don’t require any special detergents or washing. Wiping with a damp cloth can be sufficient. However, it is worth disinfecting them from time to time.  Like all toys, these very often collect various types of germs that can harm a toddler.

However, it should be done with caution, because the applied paint or varnish on the toys may become discoloured or rubbed off. A few minutes of washing in hot water, above 60 degrees Celsius, is enough, because this temperature guarantees killing most microorganisms. As you can see, unlike, for example, plush toys, they do not need to be washed, and cleaning takes much less time.