Are you wondering how to arrange a girl’s room? Do you want it to be not only practical and functional but also to present well? With our tips, you’ll create a wonderful design and your child will be so amazed that it would love to spend its time there. We’ll give you some hints on what is worth to pay attention to, what furniture to choose and what colour should be on the walls. The design of the girl’s room interior doesn’t have to be complicated or to take a lot of time, only if you’ll consider a few important factors.

Adapting a room to the girl’s needs

While looking for the perfect solutions for the girl’s room, firstly we should focus on the child’s needs that usually depend on its age. For a baby, the most important is parents’ love and closeness. The older kids are curious about the world and they learn through playing, so they need more space for playing and relaxing. Children at school-age and teenagers prefer to have more privacy and a room that will express themselves, so they can spend time with their friends.

Another important case is to adjust the room arrangement to the child’s sex. Designing a room for a boy requires a lot of work and creativity, however, girls are even more demanding. For this reason, it is worth planning all the work. Thanks for that it will be easier to create an ideal room for a child. 

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A functional room for a girl

The girl’s room plays a lot of functions simultaneously. It’s a playroom, bedroom and a place to learn and develop hobbies. With our tips and equipment that we have in our offer, the girl’s room will be perfect and well-designed space. In the sleeping area, place the bed in a way your child will feel safe and comfortable. Don’t put it right in front of doors or windows. 

Above abed, you can hang a decorative canopy, which will be a great solution to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room. Additionally, it will be an extraordinary decoration. Little tenants will definitely love the results. The canopies in various colours can be found in our offer.

A child’s room is also a playroom

Both girls and boys love toys. This is why you should make sure to create a playing section in your daughter’s room, preferably in the centre. Also, you should define the type of games that your child enjoys. If it prefers static games, such as puzzles you should allow at least one and a half square meter, whereas for more active children it will have to be doubled. While creating such an area, you shouldn’t forget about the child’s safety. On the floor, you can put a rug that will isolate the cold ground. Also, for this purpose, you can use the playing mat.

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They will not only present well but also will be a practical solution that will be appreciated by your child. If you care for keeping the room tidy and you don’t have enough space for toys, you can choose a 2 in 1 Playmat, which after pulling plays the role of a bag for toys and other gadgets.

How to separate a learning area from the rest of the girl’s room?

The learning area is an important spot. This is where your child will gain knowledge, learn how to read and draw. A well-prepared space for learning, will facile concentrating and encourage to learn new skills and gain knowledge. A desk in a child’s room should be about 120 centimetres long. However, the height should be adjusted to the child’s height. The perfect solution is furniture that grows with your daughter. 

For the colour, we recommend light shades or even white. The mixture of practical shelves and drawers with white colour will make the arrangement light and delicate. While placing the desk, remember to not put it either from the back or front side towards a window. It will ensure that your child doesn’t cover the natural daylight, but at the same time it’s not blinded by the sunlight. Also, remember to make enough space, so your child can spend time with her friends. 

Girl’s room – what are the best colours?

The right wall colour plays an important role when it comes to girls. The female room shouldn’t be overly colourful. The rule is to not use more than two shades if we want the room to grow with our child. To avoid refurbishments every few years, a natural colouristic will be a perfect idea. In such a case, it’s worth picking some contrasting accessories, so the space won’t be boring. Various colourful blankets, decorative cushions, or other decorations are going to be useful.

Light wall colour will be a great solution for small spaces. Thanks to them, the child’s room will seem optically larger and it won’t be so overwhelming. Many parents decide to paint their daughter’s wall pink, so it looks more girly. Although, if pink isn’t the favourite colour of your child, you can choose mint, grey, light blue or white. 

Wallpaper for girls

The girl’s room can be arranged with the help of wallpaper. Some time ago, they were popular, but because paints were easier to remove, they became displaced. While deciding for a wallpaper to a child’s room we should make sure what is it made of and if it has the special certificates. Same as toys, they may contain harmful substances, that have a negative impact on your child. Remember to choose only European producers who specialize in the products for children. On the market, we can find many different colours and patterns of wallpapers, so the choice depends on your creativity and your daughter’s preferences. 

Furniture to a child’s room

While arranging a child’s room which is going to be a girl’s kingdom, we should focus on one collection, so the overall look will be consistent. It will also be helpful while arranging the interior. It is worth choosing furniture that will grow with your child. Any colour will be fine, but some neutral shades will go the best. If you’re arranging a baby room, purchase a chest of drawers with a detachable changing table.

Once a baby is grown up, you can detach only one piece and the drawers will still be in use for a few years more. Buying a chair and a desk with a regulated height is going to be a great choice, as children grow very fast. Choose the wardrobes that can be modified. Many producers offer in their collections furniture that is universal, so you can add an extra shelf or make some more space for extra hangers. 

Girl’s room – the right lighting

In a girl’s room, proper lighting is necessary. There should be at least a few sources of light, however, the main one should be a ceiling lamp. The major source of light should be bright and diffused towards the ceiling so that it works all over the room. If the room belongs to a baby or a few-year-old, night lamps with warm light are necessary to help to fall asleep. Another piece of lighting can be a sconce or a desk lamp which will be great for children at the school-age. The girl’s room has to be consistent, this is why we should adjust well the lamps to the room arrangement. This way we’ll create a calm place, but also a learning spot.