Children’s happiness is an amazing experience for parents. Each time when a smile appears on the youngest’s face, they also enjoy such a moment. Kids can enjoy the things which adults never notice, this is why it is so easy to make children laugh. Space which is inspiring, beautiful, and most importantly – functional, and safe is sufficient for them to feel good. 

Meaning of a child’s room

The sense of security is crucial for children, that’s why arranging their room requires a lot of struggle. Anything can be exciting for a kid, also the comfort and ergonomics of an interior designed for them. Using a few tricks will be enough to make a child’s room a peaceful place, as well as to create an amusing playground.

Small child’s room – what colours and fabrics to choose?

The best solution for a child room is using a light colour palette. It is worth choosing a timeless colour which is going to suit most designs, also the one for a children’s room. The white colour will go well with pastel shades, it will give a room lightness, and it will make it look bigger. 

Also, it is worth knowing that the walls don’t have to be plain. Monochromatic dots or large and thick stripes will elongate the walls or heighten up a ceiling, if well-adjusted. Stylish spots can add some happiness, but it’s important not to create a garish design on the walls. In the case of stripes, it’s a good idea to paint them just above a bed. If the stripes were on all of the walls, it could be overwhelming, and the design wouldn’t be as cosy as intended. 

Fabrics should also be in bright colours. A soft carpet on a floor will protect a child while falling down, also it will be great as a playground. Accessories such as cushions should bring some contrast to the room, so it’s fine to pick some warmer colours.

What lighting will be the best choice?

The best solution will be multisource lighting in a tiny room. Why? Various light sources will make the room cosier and space will get optically bigger. Moreover, the room will become more functional. 

The top light should be diffused, however, the side lamps will help in many different activities like feeding, caring, or diaper changing. Purchase of mood-enhancing lamps such as colourful lamps, cotton-ball cords, or even colourful sconces will also be a great idea.

The choice of light should also be conditioned by the age of a child. A baby needs a different set of colours and light intensity than a few year old kid. In the case of newborns, it is worth choosing multisource lighting, whereas in the child’s room, it’s worth getting a sidelight that will be essential for creative games or learning.

What furniture will be ideal for a child’s room?

 a small child’s room, where’s a lack of space, it is required to choose furniture proportionally. In such a room, a great solution are going to be chests with deep drawers, hanging, closable shelves, and long and narrow cabinets. In a tiny room, custom-made furniture will be a perfect solution. With such an approach, a lot of time will be saved which instead, would have been used for looking for perfect drawers and so on.

Our recommendation of Misioo’s chairs available in various colours and patterns:

Armchair – Smart, Grey With Small White Dots
Armchair – Smart, Grey With Small White Dots

Furniture designers often like to create mini versions. That’s why it’s so easy to get little tables, wardrobes, or drawers in a minimized version. While choosing children’s furniture, it’s worth focusing on those pieces which have an additional storage function, such as pouffes, sofas, or beds with storage boxes. Another solution is the purchase of hanging organizers or gadgets, which will help to increase space on tables and will turn out as a beautiful accessory.

Tall cabinets with deep shelves are also going to be a perfect idea for tiny spaces. They can be used as a little library for a fairy tale collection, toy storage or child care tools. It’s recommended to place the accessories in organizers and boxes which will minimize the mess impression. Some producents made such drawers with hidden changing tables what makes such a piece of furniture even more practical and functional.

Where to place a child’s bed?

The most important element in a child’s room is obviously a bed where a child is spending most of the time to rest and sleep. That’s why it is essential to choose the right one and place it correctly. Usually, a bed is the foundation of the whole arrangement. The bed in a child’s room should be placed in the corner of a wall which is located opposite to a window. The experts and many parents don’t recommend placing a bed right next to a window.

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Premium Set, Light Grey - Pink
Premium Set, Light Grey – Pink

First of all, such a place might be drafty, and often there’s a radiator. Another issue is that in the wintertime radiators are drying out the air which obviously has a negative impact on a child. The best solution is to hide a bed between two pieces of furniture, for example, a wardrobe and a changing table, so the arrangement will turn out cute and cosy.

Where to place a changing table in a baby’s room?

Not many parents think about a changing table before a baby’s birth. Possibly, it’s the most forgotten piece of furniture for the arrangement of a baby’s room. Once a baby is born, they start to appreciate the role of the changing table in their house. Thanks to this element, it is possible to change a diaper in a fast way and to care for a baby’s safety and hygiene. For little child rooms, the best are chests of drawers with a changing table built-in.   

This type of furniture not only has a convenient table, but it’s also equipped with drawers for the most necessary accessories and cosmetics. Using such drawers in a child’s room will help to save some space and time but also will be useful to organize the area around the changing table quickly.