Choice of a chair for a child’s room is a very important element of room equipment. Children’s and teenagers’ bodies are constantly changing so choosing the right chair is crucial. Bad posture while sitting may have an adverse impact on a future posture. Then what chair to choose for a child’s room?

Choice of a chair – what to keep in mind?

The choice should be responsible and well-adjusted to a child’s age. In this case, it is important that the chair passes all the requirements and that it’s new. Often, people decide to buy a used model to save money, but it isn’t always the right choice. Firstly, because of the hygienic reasons, and secondly a used seat or backrest may have a negative impact on a spine curve and the right posture.

Bolster, backrest, seat and armrest regulation

The right regulation of those chair elements is essential. Thanks to these parts it is possible to adjust the chair to a desk. It is crucial that legs are straight on the ground for an additional posture stabilization. 

The right armrest’s height ensures that arms are in an optimal position without causing unnatural muscle and joint twists.

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The quality of a seat

The seat is a key element of a child chair. The materials used in its production should be durable so they don’t get abrased. The filling should be made of a high-quality upholstery sponge which will keep its flexibility for many years.

The comfort of using and construction stability

The chair should also have a stable construction which will ensure the safety of using. It also impacts the comfort of using. In the newest chair models with wheels, there are additional stops built-in which limit going away from a desk.

The chair appearance

The last but not least that is important in the choice of a child’s chair is its appearance. It has to be well-adjusted to the child’s height, as well as it has to look aesthetic. Any chair may not suit the interior design and it may stand out in a room, so the user of the room will definitely not like it.

Pros and cons of a swivel chair for children

A swivel chair for a child is one of the best solutions, although parents often decide to buy a stationary chair. Why? In their opinion, stationary chairs are safer due to the lack of wheels however, on the market, there are stable swivel chairs that still have a stable construction. In this case, it’s just a choice and a child’s opinion should be the most important. 

 The advantage of a swivel chair is its ergonomics. An elastic backrest will adjust to the back shape so they are in a natural position. The backrest should be in S shape. The classic chairs are stiffer so it’s more difficult to adjust them for the back.

The drawback of a swivel chair for children is the fact that it may not be fully safe. Children and teenagers may turn around themselves what is already adverse for a posture. Moreover, there is a risk of falling if the chair isn’t stable.

Is a wheeless chair a good choice for children?

While deciding on a wheeless chair, it must be considered to choose a chair that is dedicated only for children. It cannot be too high or too low, and if a desk is high it is worth buying a stool under feet. Additionally, like with a swivel chair, the backrest must keep a child’s back in a stable and straight position. 

The seat should be made out of a soft but deforming material and it should be abrasion-resistant. The backrest must be full, padded with fabric, and hard enough so it can keep the child’s back in a stable position.

When to buy the first chair for a child?

Often, parents buy a desk and a chair when a child is starting its adventure at school. However, it can be done even earlier, for example once a child starts to spend more time drawing or colouring. It is advised to observe a child and buy a proper chair at an appropriate moment. It will help to avoid future posture problems and other health issues.