After many years, wooden toys are becoming more popular again. Even though they didn’t disappear from the shop shelves, they are sold in way smaller quantities. Mostly, it was caused by increased interest and production of plastic toys, which had more and more functions such as moving, singing, speaking, and so on. 

Wooden toys for children

Wooden toys have their own, abundant past. Even a few decades ago, there were no gadgets made of other materials available, and not everyone could afford them. An alternative were the ones made from a natural material, namely wood. Since the plastic toys appeared on the market, the wooden counterparts went down from the first plan. One of the main reasons that such a problem occurred was their simplicity. Cool gadgets, which were moving, speaking, and making various sounds, became the biggest trend among the youngest.

As mentioned above, the wooden toys seem to be less engaging due to their simplicity, but it differs during their production. Also, they are more advantageable for children’s imagination growth. The gadgets made of natural materials can be used in many ways. Such examples are towers or other constructions, built with wooden blocks. Moreover, only one rectangle-shaped toy can be used as a car, a building top, or a spaceship. Everything is limited only by a child’s imagination.

It can be clearly seen that wooden toys improve children’s minds on various levels, however the highest impact is put on creativity. On the market, there are also rubber toys, but they are not as popular. They are mostly used as bath gadgets because they are waterproof. Plastic toys though are the vast majority of many shops’ assortment. The last types are plush toys like teddy bears.

How to clean wooden toys?

Mascotes are suitable for machine washing, but how to wash wooden toys? It’s not that complicated. It seems like rinsing under water could be enough, but it isn’t necessarily the best solution. It all depends on who was using the toys and how they were used. 

In the case of wooden toys, wiping with a damp cloth can be sufficient. However, it is important to remember to not use too many, or too strong cleaning products. It may cause an abrasion of the painted layer, or some unaesthetic stains may appear. Sanitizing can be done using special cleansing products, dedicated to wood care. Although, it’s worth being aware that the overuse of such products may be harmful to a toy.

Is toy cleaning required?

Cleaning toys is necessary to be sure that a child is safe. Thanks to the appropriate disinfection and scalding out, it is possible to get rid of bacterias and mites from the toys. No matter if the toys are wooden, plastic, rubber, or plush, it is essential to care for their hygiene, in particular for those taken outdoors. 

Another crucial thing is the frequency – toys should be cleaned at least once a month in the case of babies who put them into the mouth. In the case of older children, it should be done at least once every three months. However, it all depends on the parents’ attitude. It’s worth to clean toys when:

  • They got dirty, 
  • There are pets in the house
  • A child was sick
  • Different children were using them

Check our wooden slides:

Slide, Snow White
Slide, Snow White

Is it worth buying wooden toys?

Wooden toys have many advantages. There are a few important factors that have a beneficial impact. First of all, they are strong, and they don’t get used that fast. Moreover, they are safe as they are usually made of one element, and they don’t contain any tiny or sharp pieces. 

These days, sustainability is a vital aspect. Buying wooden toys for children is a great opportunity to teach them to care for the natural environment. Another advantage is their variety of use – an ordinary wooden block can be used in many ways, such as an airplane, a car, or a construction element. 

Wooden toys are easy to clean and maintain. Usually, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. This natural material is widely available and can be used to make original DIY toys. Surely, it will be a well-spent time with a child, combined with learning new practical skills.

Wooden toys are dedicated to all age groups, which is another amazing advantage.