One of the favourite children’s games is running around a garden. While having the possibility to climb, swing, or slide, children are the happiest. Kids love to explore the world and meet new people, they are keen on playing with others and spending time outdoors has a positive impact on their health and mental well-being. Children who spend a lot of time out, have better immunity, are not obese and are more fit. Many parents care for their children happiness and a healthy lifestyle. They decide to make a home playground where both home and garden toys can be used. In the article below, we present how to create a home playground which will be functional, practical and will give the children a lot of fun.

A home playground –  where it should be situated?

The fundamental aspect while designing a home playground is situating it. Certainly, it is a decision which is vital for the safety and comfort of a child’s entertainment. The home playground has to be in a visible place, mostly if our children are slightly older and they will play on their own. Even if they are self-dependant since a while, it doesn’t mean that there’s no risk of falling on the ground or getting a contusion. For these reasons, it is better to place the playground in a visible spot.

An ideal place will be in the part of a garden that is visible for the kitchen’s or livingroom’s window. Due to such an approach, we can care for our mental comfort which will guarantee the awareness that our child is safe. Also, the spot shouldn’t be too sunny, as there’s a risk of sunstroke.

Slides and swings should be situated under a tree shade or indoors. A child won’t get too hot too quickly but also it can play at a garden even on the hottest days. Often, children don’t pay any attention where they run, so if we don’t want our flowers to be destroyed, we should situate the playground way from the rump with flowers. Also, it is worth remembering that there are no poisonous plants around a swing or a sandpit. The playground shouldn’t be close to a congested road, but if there’s no other choice, the area must be well-secured. For example, building a fence will ensure that a child won’t run away on the street.

The equipment of a home playground and a child’s age

Many playgrounds are equipped with different elements that aren’t necessarily dedicated to all kids. The attractions they can use often depends on their age and physical development. Children under four-years-old often play in a sandpit, slide, a little house or a tent. Slightly older children, who are more physically developed, often have bigger requirements. For this reason, you can choose swings, ladders, treehouse, or a climbing rope.

Children swings – must-have in a garden

Many different elements can be placed in at a playground and undoubtedly one of the most important is a swing. It has to be well-adjusted to the child’s age to guarantee maximum safety. For babies, there are special models equipped with some special protections such as lock and backrest. Thanks to such solutions, we can be sure that a child won’t fall out. All the safety standards state clearly that the swings without extra protection are safe only for the kids over five-years-old.

While setting up a swing, we must make sure that it’s installed securely and stable. The construction cannot swing to the sides or be too light. Otherwise, the toy can fall down, and be hazardous to a child. 

Sandpit for a child

There’s no garden playground that can do without a sandpit. Also, it is the basic element of summertime fun. While planning to make it, make sure your child is not too young. For a three-year-old, a little sandpit will be sufficient. For an older child, we will definitely need a bigger attraction, so it can play comfortably. Many parents make a fundamental mistake by throwing sand on the ground. Surely, a better approach is to fill a container with walls. Otherwise, there won’t be anything left, as all the sand will be spread around the whole garden. 

Building a container for a sandpit isn’t that difficult, so it can be done on your own. A few boards and nails are going to be sufficient. We can also do it in an easier way and buy a pre-made container, which is available in most garden shops. At this point, it’s worth purchasing a cover, as it will be useful for a few reasons. Firstly, it will protect the sandpit from animals. Secondly, during the hot days, the sand won’t get too hot and during the rainy days, it won’t get flooded. 

Garden slide for children

One of the most important criteria, while choosing a slide is a child’s age. For the kids who are under three-years-old, a little construction on which it can climb without the risk of falling down – will be sufficient. In the case of older children, a bigger slide will be necessary. Another interesting idea is a slide with a little house. Such a home playground equipped with a tower will be a child’s favourite place to spend time. It’s a great solution for small gardens, as it doesn’t require two separate elements.

What other attractions can be used on a playground?

A playground can be equipped with rockers and some textile tunnels, where children can romp. Another creative idea is to make a playground from old tyres, but this solution is dedicated only to older children. No matter how old are kids, it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that kids are safe. For the youngest, even to most simple constructions will bring a lot of fun, also they are safer. Little chairs and a table are also the fundamental requirements for the playground equipment because they will be essential to rest after intensive fun.

Garden playground – buy or build?

Many parents decide to buy a little house or other toys. However, not everyone can afford such an attraction but it can be built from scratch. Building such a thing will be great for parents who have a lot of time. Another advantage is that children can participate in constructing and it will bring them enormous fun.

Playground – How much will cost to construct a little house and other attractions?

The type of garden attractions depends to a child’s age. The older child is, the bigger expectations and requirements it has. Obviously, we can’t forget about the basic elements for playing and relaxing. Premade playing sets prices start from a few hundred Euros. Most often it’s a wooden house with a slide, which will be sufficient for a child. But if we want to make something more advanced, we can build a playground on our own. Moreover, we will save some money that could be spent on a different attraction. A wooden house can be challenging, but a swing or a climbing rope can be feasible. You’ll need only a few tools and materials to build them. There are many online guides on how to construct such a playground. Usually, to make it, we will need only natural materials such as wood. 

The choice of a playground’s floor surface

Designing a floor surface for the play area seems like an abstraction, however, it is an essential element, as it has a huge impact on a child’s safety. Obviously, such a factor can be skipped but it’s worth asking a question if a fall on grass will be less painful than a fall on a special shock-absorbing surface? It’s a good approach to wonder what else we can do to make sure that our child is safe.

Of course, we have to consider a few fundamental rules. First of all, no matter what type of surface we choose, the ground must be levelled down. Additionally, the play area must be free from stones. If you choose to make a natural surface, the best choice is grass rather than gravel or sand.

Another idea is to place some rubber tiles which are shock-absorbing. Their advantages are low price and high durability to the weather conditions and mechanic damages. It is worth considering if such a solution will be the best but in such a case a lot depends on the age of a child and the place chosen for the playground.