The playground is a place where our children spend their time most willingly. Many times, as parents, we dealt with a crying toddler who did not want to go home. Our kids associate the playground with something pleasant, having fun, meeting their peers. The problem appears in the winter, when many of these places must be closed, even if the weather outside is good. What to do then? We can create a home playground in the garden.

Design of a playground for children 

Our children are greatly affected by the closure of everything from schools and kindergartens to playgrounds. Isolation at home has a negative impact on them, because toddlers require contact with their peers while playing together for proper development. When playgrounds for children and recreation and sports areas are closed or function to a limited extent, it is worth thinking about creating a place to play in the garden, if you have one. Another choice may be a garden allotment or even a house. How to create such a home playground?

The basis is to create an appropriate design that will take into account not only the equipment of the recreation area for our child, but also their interests and preferences. Some toddlers love slides, others love swings. Nevertheless, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The playground should be harmoniously integrated into the surroundings, provide some shade and protection against the wind. We should also pay attention to the neighborhood. The farther the playground is from the busy street, the better, but you shouldn’t forget about the additional security of a fence. Also, when choosing infrastructure for outdoor play, we should pay attention to the safety of our children.

The equipment in the home playground should be appropriate to the child’s age, solid, durable and well made. We must remember that there are no complicated devices on playgrounds, and many of them can be created by ourselves. So we can build a hut made of a wicker mat and wooden fence posts. It is worth involving children to help with any work, because they are creative and have a vivid imagination.

A home playground and its equipment

Playing in the sand is the favorite activity of most children. Toddlers can spend hours building sandcastles and digging holes. Buckets, molds, spatulas, various tools and access to water are always useful for playing. So what should the project include? What elements are necessary in a home playground?


Children’s playground without sandbox? It is impossible! Every child loves to play in the sandbox! There are wooden and plastic models in different sizes to choose from. When choosing a plastic sandbox, you can additionally get a lid that will tightly close it and protect it from contamination with waste or animals. In addition, the cover on hot days can be turned into a mini pool – just fill it with water. Whichever model you choose, the sandbox should be covered at night, in rainy weather, and in hot weather, in the sun.


The swing is another piece of equipment that cannot be missing in the garden and playground. Every child likes to swing, even for a moment. There are many variants to choose from, but the best choice will be a wooden model with a solid structure. If in the garden we have a large tree and a thick and durable branch, the swing can hang on it, and in case of bad weather it can be moved home. It should be remembered that when choosing a swing, the development of the toddler is extremely important – it should be adapted to the age of the child. For the youngest, models with a closed basket are recommended. An alternative to the swing can be a hammock attached to a tree or with a frame.


The slide is a structure that should absolutely be adapted to the child’s age and development stage. Playing on it is a great joy and fun for children. The design of the playground plays an important role, and every use of it should be under the supervision of a parent. Models made of wood or plastic are available on the market. In addition, they can be a great addition to the pool with water or balls to create a great attraction for children.

Rocking toys

Rocking toys are elements dedicated mainly to the youngest. Most often they can be seen in the form of animals or vehicles. Rocking toys do not have a complicated structure, they are safe, but therefore you should always watch over your child when he is playing.

Playhouse in the garden

The garden house is a hiding place for children. Your children can invite their friends there, collect treasures or organize their own mini repair workshop. The house can be in the form of a shelter, a tent, or it can be on a tree, but remember to build a safe staircase to it. The choice of houses is really huge and a lot depends on the tastes of our children, their ideas, and our funds.

A playground for little athletes

If our child is bursting with energy, playing in a sandbox or rocking toys is not enough for him, then you can create a place for a little athlete. Various types of rope, plastic and wooden ladders are available on the market. Additionally, we can create a mini rope park, a basketball or football pitch, hang a net between two trees and play badminton or throw Frisbee. You can do it yourself or use the services of a professional company. A trampoline and a self-made obstacle course will certainly prove useful. We can use our child’s creative ideas. Joint planning and implementation of ideas will certainly be great fun and creative activity.

Children’s playground at home

A great alternative to a home playground can be the one located inside the house. Such structures are easy to assemble and, contrary to appearances, they do not take up much space. What’s more, such a home playground will serve children for many years and provide them with a lot of joy. It is a great solution for winter and rainy days. Thanks to it, the little ones can still play on their favorite toys.

What to create a home playground from? It is very easy! There are plenty of variations, and each of the equipment that is available in our offer is completely safe. A home play zone can be created from a ready-made playground made of foam, which consists of several elements. In addition, you can also choose a slide, ladders or a dry ball pool. For smaller kids, you can buy a swing, which will also be a cradle.

Advantages of the home playground

When creating a home playground, which is most often located in a child’s room, we should take care of the safety of our children. The use of this zone by children builds their self-confidence and allows them to overcome various types of fears. In addition, children can train their motor coordination at home, as well as relax and learn to control their own body.