A dry ball pool is great fun for children of all ages. It wonderfully develops fine and gross motor skills, as well as sight and touch. In addition, small balls gently brush the baby’s skin, stimulating it in a pleasant way. However, before our child likes this attraction, you have to get used to it. How to do it?

A dry ball pool is great fun

A dry pool with balls is great fun and supports the child’s development very well. Toddlers play with balls, which in turn has a positive effect on their manual skills and skills as well as eye-hand coordination. Colorful swimming pool balls, especially in contrasting colors, strongly stimulate the child’s eyesight. Empty pool can be used as a safe playpen. It seems to be the perfect toy, however, there are times when toddlers cry and refuse to enter the ball pool. Why is this happening?

Getting your child used to a dry ball pool

Our child’s nervous system is underdeveloped and it takes more time to get used to the world in which we function. Young children react very emotionally to sounds that are loud, sudden changes in temperature, or intense smells. For adults, the ball pool is a toy that provides carefree, fun and pleasure. The baby, however, has not had contact with it yet, so it can be a big novelty for him. Such fun is a strong stimulus for a child’s brain. Colorful balls, soft plastic, various shapes or sounds and a strange feeling of being pulled by the balls – it can be quite a shock for our children. Therefore, we should make sure that they can gradually get used to the pool in which the balls are located.

The first contact of a child with a dry pool requires getting used to it. Therefore, as parents, we must give our toddler time to do so. Let’s show that there is nothing to be afraid of, let him touch the balls and even put them in his mouth – they are completely safe for him. Let’s put our kids’ favorite toys into the dry pool and give them time to play. Over time, we can add additional balls, but without a rush and unnecessary emotions. You must remember that all this is new to your child and must be familiar with it.

Child’s age and fun in a dry pool

When deciding to buy such a toy, remember that it is dedicated to virtually every toddler. A dry swimming pool should still be appropriate to the child’s age and its intellectual and physical development. Importantly, the balls for the pool are completely safe and there is no fear that our child will hurt himself with them. Such a toy should interest the toddler and encourage him to play and provide him with incredible joy. The dry pool is an extremely versatile toy and our children can play in it from an early age. Most often it is dedicated to children over the age of one, but you can also buy it for the younger generation. However, it is worth paying attention when choosing the balls and the quality of the product. Nowadays, the market is full of cheap fakes, which did not necessarily have to be made of high-quality materials.

Products of renowned brands meet all stringent EU standards. It is necessary to achieve the CE certificate, which in a way certifies that the toys are safe. So you can choose from a very wide range of products that are dedicated to your child. Dry ball pools are extremely popular and are therefore available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Of course, for the youngest there is no need to buy a large model, unless we are thinking about making the toy last for many years. Thus, the age of the child can be decisive when it comes to purchasing a dry pool.

How to choose balls for the pool?

The most important element of the whole toy are balls. There are many offers from various manufacturers on the market. Balls are usually sold in sets of 50, but you can also find packages of up to a thousand. Pool balls should be sufficiently flexible and soft so that they do not break under the weight of the child, but slightly dent and return to their original shape. Nowadays, great importance is attached to the toxicity of plastics from which toys are made. Safe pool balls should have a certificate that will prove their harmless operation. Dry ball pools are also used during the rehabilitation of children, which certainly speaks in favour of this type of accessories. It is also worth adding that the dry ball pool is also a great toy during the summer. Parents can go to relax in the garden, take a toy with them and enjoy the fresh air with their children. If you are looking for such a toy, we invite you to the Misioohandmade store, where you will find a wide range of dry pools with balls for children, as well as great bargains and numerous new products.