An indoor slide for children is a toy that brings a lot of fun. Nevertheless, in adults’ eyes, it may seem like an abstract idea to place it in a room that is already overcrowded with lots of other gadgets. On the market, you can find a lot of solutions which will facilitate making a little home playground with a slide. A wide choice of products allows adjusting the toy to a room’s size and design where it will be set up. It is widely known that the higher slide is, the more fun your child will experience. Moreover, it helps to develop flexibility, coordination and balance. Besides a swing, it is the favourite attraction at a playground. So how to integrate a slide into a child’s room?

A slide for children is a great idea! 

The indoor slide is an amazing idea for children that are full of energy. It ensures fantastic fun at home and it’s such an element of a room arrangement that other kids will be jealous about. To choose the best model for your interior you should check how much free space you’ve got but also adjust a slide to your child’s age. Our wide furniture and toy offer will help you to create a fantastic home playground!

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Classic slides for a child’s room

The most mobile and simplest solution is a classic slide for children. It also doesn’t take much space. Popular companies that produce toys offer many various products. We can choose little, short slides which are designed for the youngest children or high and solid ones which are great for older kids. An interesting option are the constructions that are slightly curved thanks to which sliding is even more exciting and brings more fun. 

While choosing a slide for a child’s room we have to remember to adjust it well to the age of our children, as well as their physical abilities. We should never buy toys that may be hazardous for our children. Before choosing a classic slide we have to make sure if it’s solid, stable and safe and if it’s made of materials that are certified. An adequate choice of the toy will bring your child more fun and will allow him to develop and spend time actively. 

A perspective of morning sliding

If our child is a sleep lover, then a perspective of sliding in the morning will help him to wake up. A bed with an integrated slide will be a dreamt piece of furniture for an active child. Such a slide is an amazing alternative to the traditional model or a bunk bed with a ladder. Usually, it comes in a form of a little house with a sleeping area. Such a piece of furniture contains an entresol with some space below for playing or it’s some kind of a bunk bed with a slide instead of a ladder. Solid construction ensures safe fun. 

This type of furniture is offered in various colours so that it’s easy to adjust it to the child’s room design. If we choose natural wood, we can paint it quickly and easily in a different colour. Moreover, you can purchase some bed textiles which will convert a bed into a fairytale palace. 

Home playground with a slide as the main attraction

For the youngest children who shouldn’t sleep in a bunk bed, there is also a solution. These days, home slides are offered in different variations. They can be integrated into a room so that they are an element of a home playground. One of the most functional and safe models is a foam slide. It can be used on its own or you can purchase some big, foam block toys. Due to its amazing features, it is often used in kindergartens, playgrounds and during rehabilitation. Such a set allows creating an obstacle course with steps to a slide. However, it is worth being aware that such a solution requires a lot of free space. 

If the available space is limited, we can create a smaller version of a playground with a slide for children. In our offer, you can find such models. Moreover, a great alternative to a home playground can be a little house that can be taken apart. Thanks to this feature, it is easy to transport it to a garden where your child will play outdoors. Another advantage of such a product is the fact that all children can use it, no matter how old they are.  Nevertheless, it is important to always have a look at your children to react quickly in the case of trouble.