Every parent wants their child to develop properly and be multi-talented. Most toddlers are born with a natural potential for development on many levels. Philosophers call this state tabula rasa, i.e. a clean slate on which all information promising for the future of our child should be written. However, many parents wonder how to support their child’s development?

Support for the development of a small child by parents

Certain conditions related to our intelligence are recorded in the genome with which we are born. However, genes are not everything, and the educational environment that stimulates children to develop is very important. As parents, we can do our best in this field. Its development will depend on how we will act and raise our child.

For infants, contact with other people is the most important. All the activities that allow you to establish contact with your baby are important. The baby needs a warm and soothing touch, stroking, rocking and eye and hearing contact. As parents, we should always look our children straight in the eye, mostly when we speak to him.

Children of this age signal their needs by crying or whimpering. Therefore, we should learn to read these messages properly, which, contrary to appearances, is not as difficult as it may seem. Thanks to this, we will teach our child that contact is very important in life, and that communicating with us brings specific results. When bringing up our child, we should slowly put our face closer to our child and stop for a moment. This way, the toddler will remember our features and facial expressions.

When we talk to a young child, we should smile and pay attention to the tone of our voice. Children learn very quickly and begin to imitate their parents over time. The moment we smile at our child, he will also smile at us, and when the tone of our voice is calm, the toddler will chat in a subdued way. Parents should use every moment they share with their children to stimulate their development. Even during nursing activities, you can support the child’s development. Touch turns out to be beneficial here, as it allows to create more neural connections in the child’s brain.

A play mat, which can be found in our store, may also be a great solution. It is made of high-quality material that protects the delicate body of a child from falling very well. In addition, it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A great idea will be to hang them above the child. The toddler will lie safely on a comfortable mat and at the same time stimulate his development through play.

How to support an older child in development?

How is it with older children? When the child is older, we should make sure that he gets to know his own self. A mirror works great in this case. The toddler will be able to see his own reflection and what it looks like. Then we should also say the child’s name aloud to show him that the child in the mirror is the same toddler. Certainly, at first, our child will be confused, but within the next few months, he will get used to this view.

Such mental gymnastics turns out to be salutary, because with time the child will start making different faces to the mirror and associate the reflection. You can also support the child’s development by means of games and physical activities. However, we must remember to choose games according to the age of our child. Older children willingly participate in life as little helpers in everyday activities, because it is an attractive form of activity for them. We should not be afraid that the child will delay our food preparation. Such help is also the intellectual development of the child. The toddler not only learns to help, but also learns new skills and has a great time doing it.

There are many methods of supporting a child’s development and it is up to the parent to decide what is appropriate. Nevertheless, the child’s development on many levels is very important, because it allows the toddler to acquire new skills and develop those he has already gained. Toddlers who have learning difficulties, can arouse their interest in lessons through trips along educational trails.

Ways to support your child’s development through games and activities

There are many ideas for games and activities that support the development of a child. From an early age, it is worth reading books and telling stories for your toddler. Although these stories will not be fully understandable for a toddler, they will surely make him eager to read after some time. These abilities will prove very useful once he goes to school. Learning to read, write or even sing while having fun is one of the most effective solutions.

When your child grows up a bit, you can buy him a home playground or a pool with colorful balls, which will develop the sense of touch and sight. At the home playground, the child will be able to develop their motor coordination, thanks to which they will be more agile and healthier. You can find many items that allow your toddler to develop properly in our store.