Supporting a child’s development is a vital element of parents’ life. That’s why it’s worth ensuring a baby the best possible start from the very beginning. Moreover, every mom and dad want their child to have versatile skills, although, to achieve such a goal, they have to devote themselves. Spending time pleasantly, supported with additional didactic lessons makes a child’s development more creative. The scientists proved that each baby comes to the world with learning potential of different areas. It is called a tabula rasa state which means blank slate – the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content, and, therefore, all knowledge comes from experience or perception.

Parents’ support to improve a child’s development

While coming to the world, every creature characterizes its own genome, that is responsible for character features, intelligence variables and the appearance. But the genes are not everything, as also the child’s environment plays a vital role in stimulating its development. The parents’ responsibility is to create the best conditions for a child’s growth. It is so essential to do it from the earliest years, so a child is encouraged to broaden its knowledge and find new hobbies. 

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For babies, the most important is contact with other people. What it means is that all the activities to make contact with a baby are essential. Such a little baby needs calming and warm touch, stroking, swaying, as well as eye and hearing contact. This Is why parents while talking should look at the baby’s eyes. If you want to understand the needs of your baby you have to try to listen to its reactions to each situation. Often, babies show a need for something by crying. Learning an adequate understanding of baby’s messages is undoubtedly vital. Contrary to the appearances, it isn’t that difficult but it requires a lot of focus and attention to the child’s reactions. 

Many parents wonder how to support their child’s development. It is worth remembering that newborns react to vibrant colours, and that’s why they should be surrounded by such colourful objects. The scientists proved that babies react the most on white, black and red, so people wearing them will take the most attention. During the first months, children and parents learn their behaviours. In that time you can learn to understand the needs of your baby. When your child grows up slightly, it is worth buying a dry ball pool which will be a connection between motor development and amazing fun.

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How to support a few-year-old child’s development creatively? 

Once a child is slightly grown-up, it is worth making sure that it will understand the sense of itself. While spending time together, it is worth adding creative games and showing a child its mirror reflection. Especially, showing it its mirror reflection will be a great idea to support its development. In the beginning, a child will be slightly confused, but after a while, it will recognize itself. The child will become aware of the way it looks, and it will look at the mirror more often. This is a great way to develop cognitive skills. Another way to support a little child’s development is to teach it how to read – the sooner, the better. Because of that, in a kindergarten, your child will show a higher potential intelligence, than its contemporaries, as it will know something more, and it will be more open to learning. 

After some time, introducing new languages will also be beneficial, as they will be useful for the rest of your child’s life. Many parents love to develop the passion of a little adventurer. For this purpose, sufficient should be buying board games and other game sets or books of different topics that are beautifully illustrated, so that your child has a chance to understand what’s written. Thanks to the appropriate books, your child can learn how to read, count and understand various information shown on pictures. 

To sum up, in a child’s life the most important role play parents. They are largely responsible for the right mental and physical development of their offspring. However, they should remember that between different features, a safe balance should be kept. The balance that will let the kids develop right and evenly. There are many books on the market, with tips and advice, that were written by psychologists and other specialists. It is worth reading them to avoid unnecessary mistakes.