Child development stimulation 0-12 months

Examples of stimulation

I am a happy mother of a 9 month old son. From the beginning I tried to pay a lot of attention to the development of my toddler. As soon as the little one had more active hours, I tried to make him spend a lot of time on his stomach. The Misioo puff can be a perfect product for such “exercises”. It is firm enough – the child does not sink, as is often the case on our bed or sofa. Because of its size, the child tends to raise his head because he sees more. It can also be used in later stages of the child’s life. It works excellently as an element where little Jan can get up and improve his knee position, get up and stand. It is important to me that it is stable – if it is pressed against the wall, it does not run away from the child and, thanks to its correct hardness, it does not bend when it gets up. However, when walking, it will be a nice toy to move as a pusher. And when our child gets older, we can use this stool as a seat at the table.

When it comes to sitting down, the ball pit works surprisingly well, the child trains balance and has a lot of fun (not just my son!) and not only that, it teaches how to properly tense muscles to sit stable, it also gives sensory stimulation through the usage of colourfull balls. Representations and color names can also be taught to the child. Small children (as it was in our case) will get up at this pool and want to lay out the balls themselves – our Jan, thanks to this wonderfull toy learned to be stable and to return from standing to sitting position, by the pool.

For exercises like abdominal resistance and turning, it’s great to buy a mat that we can put the baby on so that it can learn to have fun and combine without our help. On such a mat, you can arrange toys so that your child learns to grab them, turn them over, and crawl at a later time.

Remember not to speed up the child’s steps in devolopment. Let us give our babies room to pursue their goals. Let them try to do as much as possible on their own. Since we are seeing a problem that worries us, we should report it to the experts, since something is actually disturbing to our toddler. We parents have the greatest impact on our children’s development. We spend the whole day with them, so we should try to adequately (and reasonably) influence their proper development – from proper care to stimulation to fun. Don’t buy a large amount of colorful toys and think about what will actually be useful for development (less and better quality means more).

Best regards and I keep my fingers crossed for your little ones!