Children, especially little ones, require not only constant care, but also need to spend time together with parents playing games. Their vigour and sometimes arousal often make them mischief when they have no activity. That is why their parents should especially take care of their kids’ entertainment. There are plenty of ideas. Regardless of the weather or lack of it, there are many options.

Fun on rainy days

Children require a lot of attention. There is no doubt about that. Very often parents, due to lack of time, are unable to provide them with sufficient entertainment. This makes them whining or mischievous. On rainy days, coming up with activities for children is an obvious choice, but isn’t it better to give them some joy and let them jump in puddles?

When it just sprinkles outside the window and there is no huge wind or it is not too cold, it is worth letting the child for a moment of carefree entertainment outside. When taking your child to the yard or a short walk, remember to dress appropriately. Of course, wellies will be necessary. Playing outside and jumping in puddles is a stepping stone from everyday activities at home. Also, for parents, it is an opportunity to recall how carefree the days went by and the time was devoted only to entertainment.

Such a solution on rainy days is also recommended by doctors who believe that it is a good way to harden a child. Thanks to this, babies are much more resistant to infections and viruses, which is why they get sick less often and parents stress less. Therefore, rainy weather should become an ally that will help you spend your time attractively and effectively.

What fun for children can you think of when it rains outside the window? There are plenty of solutions, including:

– jumping through puddles
– slalom between puddles
– small regattas, i.e. playing with ships in puddles
– fun in connecting drops on the glass
– throwing stones into the water
– sun ritual

Ideas for playing with your child at home

Unfortunately, it is not always so that the rain drizzles and you can go outside. In this case, playing with the child at home remains. It’s a great time for kids and parents to get to know each other better. The rush of life, hours at work and household duties often mean that they spend little time together. This is especially important when the child is growing up. She needs role models then, and who can be better than mom or dad?

There are lots of ways to have fun for children. Many associate parents with their early years, when they were still young. The time spent in such a way certainly brings both the toddler and parents closer together, thanks to which they can also observe what he does, interests, or what toys he is most interested in.

Creating toys together

One of the best solutions for children’s fun at home is to create toys together. Little boys in particular will be happy with this solution. The DIY dad will be a role model for them, show them how to create unique toys that no one else will have. What materials to use for this?

On the day when the sun is shining and the aura and season is favourable, you can go to the park and gather chestnuts, which will serve as the base material and from which bots will be made. Sea shells with which you can create an amazing kaleidoscope will also work well.

Using paper rolls, you can create a ballodrom. This is the so-called little engineer game that develops the child’s imagination and creativity. The effect of the ball rolling through several tunnels will definitely make it great fun for the toddler.

The use of colouring books and paintings

Games for children at home should be as good entertainment as it is outside, but sometimes it is very difficult to cope with this task. Smaller children will certainly be satisfied with colouring books and paintings that will stimulate their imagination. Of course, you can buy ready-made notebooks with sketches in the stores to fill them in with colours.

However, it’s worth spending some time and prepare a colouring book to fill out with your child, which will be an additional attraction. Even without artistic talent, you can give him great joy by creating paintings with him that will be unique works of art. Parents can sketch the contours themselves, and then give the child a project to paint, or paint without it improvising.

Spending time cooking together

Kitchen is usually not a place for children. However, it can be used as a great form of fun and spending time together. Toddlers together with their mother and father can prepare their favorite dishes. Playing the little chef will surely give them a lot of fun. However, caution should be exercised and the child’s participation in preparing meals should be limited to activities that will not be dangerous to it.

Therefore, games for children at home can easily move into the kitchen. The possibility of preparing a second breakfast in the form of colorful sandwiches or toasts will be a very nice way of spending time together. All you need is a little creativity and you can create even smiley faces on them.

Playing a little engineer

What should it based on? Virtually all children at home have blocks. It is an absolute must have, with which you can spend time on great fun. The creativity of children and parents using colourful interactive blocks allows you to create buildings, as well as robots or vehicles. Depending on the kit you purchased, they may be more detailed or simple. You can find in stores both made of wood and plastic.

Fun for children in the pool

Pools are often used to play for children at home. Of course, we are talking about those with balls. You just need to choose the right one that will suit your child’s age and development level.

We encourage you to read the article about the balls: How many balls do you need for a dry pool?

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is one of the most popular games for children. What does it base on? Usually, parents are to look for their child who has hidden somewhere in the house. Even if the place where they are is obvious, it is worth prolonging the fun a bit. In this way, the child will have the great joy of hiding their parents so well.