What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is bred and produced in a specific way. It is cultivated without the use of any plant protection products, herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. So the question is, how are plants protected against disease and pests that attack them? Well, natural means such as citric acid, garlic, manure and natural fertilizers are used to protect them. Organic cotton is harvested by hand, so no machines are used for this purpose, so it is extremely clean and does not require additional cleaning methods.

Traditional cotton is dyed with chemicals and treated with additives. Organic cotton does not require such treatments, and natural agents, such as clay mixtures, are used to dye it. All this results in a fully ecological product of much better quality and resistance. It is very important that children are not allowed to be employed in ecological plantations. The use of minors for work has unfortunately become the rule of the Third World, where the most organic cotton is produced.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic clothes?

The main advantage of organic cotton is that we do not have to worry about the heavy chemicals that are used to make clothes from other fabrics and conventional cotton. The one that is produced in an ecologically friendly way is softer than ordinary material. In addition, it does not crease, does not pill and is characterized by much stronger fibres. Despite frequent washing, it does not lose its colour, form and properties. Organic cotton is used mainly in children’s clothes, especially those intended for babies. Free of chemicals in the production process, it does not cause irritation and does not sensitize the baby. Due to the fact that it is breathable, it provides optimal thermal comfort. As mothers, we often choose ecological cotton clothes for our children, because we are more sure that they will not react with an allergy to this material.

What are their disadvantages? Organic cotton clothes are a bit more expensive, but then you pay for the higher quality. It should be recalled that it is naturally coloured, so it comes in white, olive, coffee with milk, écru and beige. Therefore, we must remember that organic cotton products may have different shades, which means that white will not always be pure white. For some mums it can be a disadvantage that they have a limited choice in terms of colours, but the most important thing is the child’s safety.

When should you buy organic cotton baby clothes?

The softness of organic cotton products and its antiallergic properties make them an ideal choice for newborns and premature babies. When buying organic baby clothes, we buy what is the best and the softest. So if you care about the comfort of your child, it is worth spending a bit more, but getting top-shelf products. The safety and health of our children is priceless, and by choosing ecological long-sleeved clothes, bodysuits, dresses or other, we ensure a healthy start for our baby. If there are allergies or sensitive skin in the family, then we should absolutely use organic products. In addition, eco-friendly baby clothes are recommended for toddlers who struggle with atopic dermatitis.

Musimy także pamiętać o tym, że tego typu ciuszki to zbawienie dla naszej planety i otaczającego nas środowiska, które degradowane jest bezmyślnym postępowaniem ludzi, którzy nie dbają o naturę. Dodatkowo wybierając ubranka organiczne, kupujemy odzież, do której produkcji nie są wykorzystywane dzieci, co dla nas – rodziców – powinno mieć ogromne znaczenie. Jeśli z jakichś przyczyn nie zależy nam na środowisku, to pamiętajmy, aby produkty ze zwykłej bawełny były opatrzone znakiem “bezpieczne dla dzieci” i były wytwarzane przez sprawdzone marki.

We must also remember that these types of clothes are salvation for our planet and the environment around us, which is degraded by the thoughtless behavior of people who do not care about nature. Additionally, when choosing organic clothes, we buy clothes that are not used by children, which should be of great importance for us – parents. If for some reason we do not care about the environment, we should remember that products made of ordinary 

How to buy organic cotton clothes to keep them of the highest quality?

Buying baby clothes is a kind of challenge, especially since nowadays it is becoming easier and easier to find companies that do not manufacture high-quality cotton products, but only with admixtures, and yet counterfeit certificates. First of all, let’s save ourselves buying long-sleeved blouses or bodysuits from brands that do not come from the domestic market. Secondly, pay attention to certificates. The most important in this case is GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standards. It means that the clothes are made of at least 95 per cent organic cotton. We must also remember that the inscription 100% cotton does not mean that it is an organic cotton product, but only its usual variety.