The choice of a perfect gift is not an easy task. On the market, there are many offers available, which makes some parents confused. Moreover, children have a lot of different interests what makes everything even more challenging. Before deciding on what we’re going to purchase, we should wonder what a gift actually is. Generally speaking, it’s a present that is given on different occasions. So what’s going to be the best present for a child?

Gifts for children  – the thing kids love the most

Kids get presents on many occasions. Due to our cultural traditions, children await them impatiently. Among the days when there’s an opportunity to give a child a gift, there are birthdays, Christmas, or a Child’s Day. We, parents, enjoy giving our children gifts without any occasion. Also, being invited to a birthday party mean that we have to bring a present, both in the case of the little ones and adults. A common mistake is forgetting to give something to the siblings of a child who has a birthday. If its brother or sister are older, they will surely understand it, but in the case of younger children, it is worth caring also for their feelings. Giving siblings a little present will make them feel appreciated.

To find an adequate gift may turn out as a real challenge. The situation applies to both your kids but also to someone else’s. In the case of our children, we know their interests and what cartoon characters are their favourite. However, choosing a gift for a niece or nephew may be a bit more challenging as we don’t have enough of such information. On the other hand, there are children who have everything. What to buy for them? What approach to take?

What are the occasions to give presents to children?

There are many occasions to give a present. Basically, from a child’s birth, there are typical situations when we can make a gift, but there are also some more unusual opportunities. We will try to show you a few and suggest a perfect present for a girl and a boy.

Child’s Day

One of the most important days for kids is definitely a Child’s Day. This is the time when they expect to get gifts. Many parents don’t limit themselves just to presents, they organize this day in a special way. It can be a day in an amusement park or a movie in a cinema. 

Baby shower

A baby shower is quite a new tradition that was originated in the USA. Before a child is born, parents and their friends organize a party where people give presents to a mother and her baby. Among gifts for this occasion, you can find various things necessary for baby care or different toys for toddlers such as educational mats or soft toys. 

Gifts just after the birth

We also can bring gifts for a mother and her baby just after a child is born. Usually, these are clothes or the first toy are often becomes the child’s favourite one. Another great idea is a photo album where parents can put pictures from the very first moments of a child’s life. 

The first birthday

The first birthday is an occasion that is associated with a slightly bigger gift. In such a situation, we recommend purchasing something deliberated, that is going to be used for many years. It doesn’t have to be the newest model of a toy car. A better idea will be to get a set of toy blocks that are going to develop child’s skills but also a photo album, so in a future, a child will be able to itself as a baby.


Even though some children are scared of Santa Claus, they wait for him impatiently to get their presents. Usually, a while before Christmas, children write letters to Santa with a list of presents they want to get. For parents, these are precious hints on how to satisfy their children. Often, these are puzzles, board games or little statues of their favourite characters. 

What to pay attention to while choosing a child’s present?

Before purchasing a great present for a child, which is going to be perfect for any occasion, you have to consider a few important factors. The choice of a toy that is not going to be useful, may be criticised by a birthday girl or a boy as children are very straight forward. If they don’t like something they state it clearly. Every time you choose a gift or a toy for a different occasion, have a think if what you’ve chosen is going to meet the child’s expectations. What else is worth paying attention?

First of all – our budget. Prices of some toys may make the choice very confusing. For this reason, it is worth deciding how much we want to spend before shopping. Sometimes even a cheap, little gift may turn out amazing. All toy shops offer products for any occasion. If you’re suffering because of a lack of inspiration to get something at a reasonable price, feel free to contact us as we are more than happy to help you to choose something from our offer. Another factor is a child’s gender. You have to keep in mind that boys like different toys than girls. However, we shouldn’t fully believe in stereotypes in this case. Our children will show us their interests and the things they enjoy. Saying that a pink kitchen set is for a girl and a toy car is for a boy are the typical ways of putting children into boxes, which shouldn’t be approached. 

While choosing a gift for a child, we obviously can fantasize a bit, although we should consider the child’s age. It’s worth mentioning that up to the second birthday, the age is specified in months. For this reason, you should check the toy boxes for the age information. Wooden blocks are not going to be a good present for a baby, whereas fabric puzzles for school-age children. The choice of a present should also be associated with the skills and abilities of our children as every child develops in its own time.

The factors mentioned above are the most important ones that we should take into account if we want to purchase the best gift for a child. In the jungle of toy choices, let’s choose the ones that are adequate to a child’s age and those with appropriate certificates that ensure safety. Thanks to such approach we will avoid unfortunate accidents both while playing at home and outdoors. If you’re looking for high-quality, beautiful toys, please have a look at our offer and you will definitely find something for a kid in any age group.