Keeping a child’s room clean and tidy can be a real challenge, mostly when there’s a lot of toys and gadgets in its room. For this reason, it is worth buying containers and organizers that can be used for storage of the toys that are not utilised at the moment. Here, it is worth adding that having such boxes is a great opportunity to teach your child tidiness. What’s the best for toy storage?

The basic toy storage equipment 

While arranging our child’s room, we should remember to choose the type of elements that are firstly functional, and secondly practical. The unnecessary pieces of furniture, in this case, are a sliding wardrobe, a bed, a desk with drawers and a comfortable chair. As we choose this furniture, we should remember to pick the pieces that are the most convenient. A sliding wardrobe should be equipped with a pole for hangers, sliding racks and deep shelves and drawers.

A bed should have a storage box for the bedcovers. If it doesn’t have such a feature, you can buy separate sliding drawers that go under a bed. Even though the best furniture models are chosen, usually there is still not enough storage room for toys. In this case, it is worth making sure that in a room, there are additional organizers and containers. 

How to store children’s toys?

One of the best and most practical solution is the purchase of transparent boxes. Such a toy container will be convenient for kids because they can quickly see through what’s inside them and in need take a specific toy. It is a practical solution to avoid throwing everything out on the floor only to find one toy. Another suggestion is to label the containers. Just write or draw what’s inside the box and stick it there.

Many people also recommend toy baskets that are made from natural resources. The aesthetic and sustainable solution is gaining more fans, and because of that, the natural containers disappear so quickly from the store shelves. Such baskets are light but also durable. Moreover, a child also can see quickly what’s inside to avoid unnecessary mess. For these reasons, the baskets are also an incredible solution instead of transparent containers. Also, they are great and aesthetic accessories for a child’s room.

Another suggestion is the 2 in 1 mat bag that is both a floor mat and after playing it is a storage for toys and other small things. It is perfect in a little child room, as well as for a walk or in a garden. 

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Palymat 2 in 1
Palymat 2 in 1

What else than aesthetic toy storage containers for children?

A wardrobe and a chest of drawers is a place to store mostly child’s clothes. However, for toys, the best are glass cabinets, which if chosen well, can be a beautiful addition to the arrangement, but also a practical piece of furniture.It’s worth organizing the shelves in the right order, making sure that a child can reach its favourite fairy tale books and the accessories associated with its hobby.Parents also should remember that the cabinets should be placed at the right distance. The ideal division is placing one shelf case just next to a desk, and the other one next to a bed. This solution will separate the areas of learning and playing.  

The child’s room should be colourful, with various types of furniture. It also applies to cabinets. There are hanging and standing models available. The first ones are going to be perfect for a toy or a car collection exposition that your child is collecting. Interesting and modern designs are the hanging shelves in a geometrical shape. A wonderful idea will be to fix some additional hooks to the bottom of the shelf so that you’ll save space for medals and keys. 

Besides box organizers, it is worth considering a little chest of drawers on wheels. This type of solution is commonly used under beds, as it gives an extra space for toy storage. In this case, it is good to ask a carpenter to make such a custom mobile storage.