Toys are mandatory equipment in a child’s room. It is obvious that they are necessary to develop new skills, both physical and mental. It is worth remembering that the most important is to make sure that our children are safe. Even the best-looking model of a new car toy will not be a perfect gift if it’s made from non-attested materials. Looking at the assortment on the store shelves can make us feel dizzy. The amount and variety of different products are so huge that it’s difficult to decide what to buy for a present. On most toy boxes it is written for what age they are made. But is it the only criterium for choosing a toy model?

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Safety – the fundamental criterium for the choice of toys for children

While choosing toys for kids over three-years-old the fundamental criterium should be safety. The information from the producer on a box will be helpful. Usually, there’s written for what age group a toy is recommended. While choosing blocks or puzzles we can’t look at the effect of the composition, but at the amount and size of the elements that a set contains. One of the safest options are wooden toys. These are available at MisiooHandMade store.

Three-year-old children are experiencing and testing new things and often put them to their mouth, even if they shouldn’t be placed there. Another important factor are safety certificates. The basic one is the CE sign which shouldn’t be taken as a marketing trick but as an essential label on a toy box for a three-year-old child. Each gadget, before entering the market must pass many tests that will indicate if it meets the strict EU standards. As we all know, children use toys in various ways, often unconventional. Due to the lack of specific attests and certificates, some toys may be hazardous and may provide different unfortunate situations.

It may seem that when a producer releases something to the market and it’s on the shop shelves, then it meets all the safety standards mentioned above. Unfortunately, it isn’t like that and the buyers must be careful. The market is flooded by toys from China and even though they have the CE label, they don’t necessarily meet the EU norms. This is why the best choice will be to guarantee the safety of your child and buy toys only from renowned producers such as Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, or Spin Master. Also, it is worth asking about more details while visiting a shop. 

What toy for a girl and a boy? 

A toy has to meet a few requirements – we already know that, but the problem comes while choosing toys that are dedicated for girls or boys. Until a child is three it will play with anything that comes to its hands. Moreover, every toy shop has universal toys that are great both for girls and boys. A great example is MisiooHandMade. After turning three, children start to define their toy preferences. For the young men, these will be little cars, fixing tools and racetracks. On the other hand, girls are more into dolls, little houses and cooking tools. 

However, it doesn’t mean that a child won’t play with other toys. If a boy has a cooking passion and a girl is interested in playing with cars, we shouldn’t make a problem with it or limit the children. At such an age, children dynamically develop, learn and get experienced. We shouldn’t limit their cognitive skills as they won’t be happy with that. Let’s give them the possibility to develop their own passions. Instead of that, we should care for them choosing the right toys that will have a positive impact on their intellectual and interactive development. An ideal choice will be creative MisiooHandMade toys.

First of all, a child has to develop on different levels but especially its imagination. This is why the more complex the toy the worse, which seems paradoxical. Such models will do their job on their own. An example? Programmed robots that walk and talk. A better choice will be lego or wooden blocks. The gadgets that have a lot of functions built-in get boring quickly. Of course, there are the basic models that will get easily boring but here the most important is to show a child how to play and use such gadgets. 

What educational toys to choose for a 3-year-old?

Every producer wants to make sure that his offer is as broad as possible. Again we warn you to read all the information written on a box. The best toy categories for a three-year-old are the educational ones. First of all, their price isn’t high and they have a positive impact on our child’s development. Wooden and lego blocks, playdough, puzzles, whiteboards – the possibilities are unlimited but what to decide for?

When a child has turned three, there are visible certain reactions that will predispose in choosing specific toy models. Obviously, you can try to experiment and buy a lot of gadgets but the choice won’t always be right and it will negatively influence your budget. Some children prefer to draw and paint, while others would rather to construct. In the case of a child that we know this is the safe direction in buying toys. If we don’t – blocks or easy games will be another save idea. Also, you can ask parents what their child’s fascinations are. 

The blocks are the type of invention that marvellously develop the imagination and creativity of a little engineer. Even if a child won’t play with them immediately, once it does it will be hard to take it away from such fun. Such a beauty of the blocks. Surely, there’s no child in the whole world that doesn’t like to build constructions and then destroy them. 

Blocks – a perfect gadget no matter of age

Not only three-year-olds love to play blocks. No matter if these are the popular Lego or the old but great wooden blocks, it is worth considering them. They not only develop manual skills but also the eye-hand coordination and additionally stimulate creativity and imagination. Building according to instruction and to what is shown on a box we teach a child to understand the step-by-step orders. Moreover, the child will learn the persistence in striving for a goal which definitely is a recreation of construction from a box. 

Once the instruction that shows the ways of putting the blocks together is closed, a child will start to work out its own schemas. it is creating whatever its imagination says. Reaching a  goal that was set by a little constructor, will be a huge experience that will trigger the will of using blocks. Nowadays, there are available many variations of such toys. Basically, every producer offers solutions that will diversify kids’ fun. The blocks can be used even to play different roles. The possibilities are unlimited. 

Games with such gadgets require a lot of engagement from children but also give them a lot of joy and amusement. The chance of creating their own constructions gives them satisfaction and shows that the only limitation is their imagination that is obviously lush. Also, it’s worth being aware that the constructions in our house, in the future, may have real counterparts. 

A toy for a three-year-old – wooden toys

One of the best toys we can purchase for the youngest are the wooden blocks. Most of us – parents, recognize them from our childhood. After a few decades, they came back on a track and to the market. Moreover, they are becoming more and more popular. Most importantly, they are safe and they stimulate children’s imagination. A child can use them in many different ways, for example as a construction element, a building or a simple car.

In the MisiooHandMade offer you’ll find: wooden toyswooden house swings for children, and slides

Wooden blocks, as well as the rest of the wooden toys, are sustainable products. Additionally, during their production and painting, there are used only fully save paints and preparations. On the market, a lot of different models of such toys can be seen – swings, horses, or even slides. An interesting offer can be found on MisiooHandMade where are various choices of such gadgets. It is worth having a look there, as surely there will be something we like and we can give a lot of joy to our child by purchasing such a toy.

Another advantage of wooden toys is the fact that they are easily portable. An example are the wooden slides. They characterize with their small size and light weight. They can be both placed at home and at a garden if the weather is fine. Another solution are the swings that can be installed at home. The variety of models and colours ensures an easy choice for your interior design.