Active games for children are an important element in development. Although toddlers play mostly for fun, it turns out that it is much more than just fun. For parents, children’s fun is nothing more than spending time, which every child has plenty of. Therefore, adults don’t care that much about the fact that their children are having fun. For children, playing is the same as drinking, sleeping or eating. Unlike learning, no goals or requirements are set to have fun, so the child is not required to learn new skills within a certain time. Nevertheless, games play a very important role in the lives of children and allow them to gain new abilities, therefore parents should not limit it, on the contrary – they should participate in playing with children.

Why is it worth playing with a child?

We could approach the analysis of this case scientifically, where specialists confirmed the impact of games together between children and parents on the development of both. Research shows that nine out of ten families are happier if they spend at least five hours a week playing together. It does not seem much, but with the pace at which many of us live today, we can surely say that it is a lot. However, this doesn’t release us from the obligation of spending time with our children. This shows that at some point we should slow down and enter the world of children’s games relax a bit.

Children undoubtedly give us a lot of happiness, but also responsibilities. Some of them are less and some more enjoyable. Certainly, there are more of these positive aspects, a pleasant duty is to play together. Unfortunately, more and more parents are neglecting their children and their needs, often showing them to play alone. This is obviously a huge mistake that we should avoid. After all, children see their role models in parents, we are their mentors and examples.

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What are the benefits of active games?

Active games with children allow for integration between them and their parents. If we do not devote enough time to our children, we can make them feel rejected. An hour a day is really not much for us – parents, while for the youngest it is a great time. There is no need to think and look for ideas on the Internet, just ask your kids what they want to do. There are plenty of possibilities, from playing with a vehicle toy, to exercise games for children, such as walking around the room with eyes covered, which is popular for little girls. Spending time together strengthens the connection between the child and the parent. Other advantages of playing with our children are:

  • the ability to detect development problems in a child at an early stage
  • gaining the child’s trust
  • active participation in the life of the child
  • the ability to correct the child’s bad behaviour while playing

If you have time to devote, for example, one hour a day to physical activities or any other activities with your child, you have a chance to get better contact with it. If possible, try to increase this time each time. Only then will you be able to get to know your child better. Also remember that you are getting to know yourself and constantly learning to be the best parent possible.

How games influence a child’s development

Playing together with a child is an opportunity to teach it new skills and show it the world from a different perspective. It is our duty for the child to know how today’s community works. The toddlers’ first games are often described as manipulative. This means that kids usually crush something or hit something. After reaching the age of about one year, they begin to notice the effects of their behaviour, so then the games take on an intentional character. At this point, it is worth showing your child gadgets that have extensive functions.

A year later, the little ones enter the world of thematic fun. Children play the roles known from their surroundings. In this way, they show how they see the world around them. Such games are an excellent reflection of adults’ behaviour. Little girls most often play “home and children”, while boys come up with the idea of ​​creating their own “repair shop”. It is important that during this time, parents support their kids’ play. A young child definitely needs an adult to play, as they rarely manage to organize it themselves. So if we want to guarantee their proper development, let’s have fun with them. Let’s play soccer with the child at home or go for a walk and show it what surrounds it. In addition to proper mental development, it is equally important to ensure children’s motor coordination. Only then will they develop properly and balanced.

For the youngest, you can buy special educational mats or dry pools with balls. We have such gadgets in our store. It is worth getting trying them because they help parents take care of the proper development of their children.

Active games for children

If we want to find a cool idea for creative active games for our children, you can find lots of them on the Internet. However, it is worth making an effort yourself and coming up with something that will surprise your child. Let us not make one important mistake. Many parents today give their children tablets and computers to play with. Of course, the impact of new technology doesn’t have to be negative, as long as it is allowed in moderation.

We, on the other hand, recommend playing with foam swords. It is a great idea for arranging the time spent together. An obstacle course, where it’s required to jump over or crawl under foam toys, is surely a benefit to your child’s muscles and skeletal development. You can also use bottles filled with water for play. It is enough to stick them with tape and make another track to pass.

It is wonderful to watch our children play. An important rule, however, is that whether it’s a game with a ball or a tug-of-war competition, the child always wins. Parents should give their child a chance to start and show it that it can be a winner. Other creative active games for children also include:

  • jumps
  • competitions on ladders
  • throw the ball into the distance or to the target
  • slalom on a scooter or a bike
  • throwing a stick
  • balance training during a walk where you draw a line that can’t be crossed

There are plenty of possibilities for creative movement games for children. Much depends on whether we have the right place for it to be completely safe. Games and activities for children can also take place at home, and all we need is our own creativity.