For every person, exercise is a very important aspect of a healthy life. Not only physical condition depends on it, but also well-being and correct posture. It is very important nowadays when people cannot use gyms or playgrounds. Children are most affected by this situation, therefore it is a good solution to initiate various games and physical activities. How can I do that? What do motor games do for children?

Active games – necessary elements in a child’s life

Active games can be organized both at home and outside. Of course, not all physical activities will be possible in a cramped apartment. However, there are games for children that can be performed in a limited space, but you should also take care of the safety of the youngest and their comfort. The aim of movement games is not only to practice motor coordination each time, but also to cooperate with peers and discharge energy.

For adults, children’s games are only filling the time that the little ones have enough. For this reason, parents often do not pay attention to their children’s play. What else should their children do if they are awake? Play! For a child, playing is a natural activity, as is eating or breathing. Contrary to, for example, learning, playing does not set any goals, but still it plays a very important function and allows him to acquire new skills.

Activity games for children

One of the best games for children, which will also work in a larger group, is a tag game. This activity requires children to cooperate and know their own abilities. A child caught in a field is grabbed by the tag, and when others are caught, the whole group grows. Such fun has a great influence on motor coordination and the development of cooperation. More children are needed to play, ideally a group of more than 5 children.

An interesting movement game is “take a position”. At the signal of the leader of the games, the children must assume some position that was previously agreed. It is also a game dedicated to more participants. It is great at developing children’s efficiency, coordination and reflexes.

Of course, there are many more movement games and plays, because you can also mention the obstacle course, the blindfold, or looking for others with your eyes closed, or ball exercises. It is very important to match the games to the age of the child and, if possible, participate in them with him. Children treat their parents as role models, so there is an additional benefit from playing together. If you don’t know what to play with your child, you can find many ideas online.

In our store you will find, among others, home playgrounds consisting of several elements. Thanks to them, your child can feel like a little constructor and create his dream place to play. The toddler will additionally develop his imagination, perceptiveness and sense of touch. It is also worth using dry pools with balls, which are also available from us. All children love them, especially the youngest.

What do movement games and activities for children give?

Movement games for children have a positive effect on the development of motor skills in children. Exercising and the ability to perform any activities related to movement are not given to the child on their own. Right after birth, your baby’s movements are disjointed and chaotic. In the months that follow, he learns to control them, and exercise helps a lot. Seemingly simple activities such as rotating, shaking, pressing or adjusting elements have a huge impact on the child’s development and skills.

In addition, games train body awareness. In the fourth month, the baby is able to focus his vision longer on something that interests him. Then he also begins to realize that he has legs and hands to kick and grab objects with. Activity games for children develop the sense of touch, hearing and sight fastly. Playing with toys that have different textures, hardness or temperature stimulates the sense of touch, and different shapes and colors provide a stimulus for children’s eyes.

For the first few weeks, toddlers do not hear whispers and do not like loud noises. Their hearing matures gradually and a gentle lullaby helps to stimulate it. So it is enough for a parent to start singing his child to sleep every evening. Later in life, we can diversify the fun by choosing toys with a melody. By waving a rattle or trying to form a tower of colored circles on a stick, the child gains control over his movements and learns to coordinate them to achieve the desired effect. While playing, the toddler trains various parts of his body to cooperate.

However, we must remember to designate a safe zone for our children to play. Dry pools with balls, as well as soft mats will be perfect for the youngest. If our kids have a lot of toys and they scatter them every time, a 2in1 mat will be the perfect solution, which can also be used as a place to store children’s gadgets. We invite you to our store for more interesting toys that will not only make your child’s time pleasant, but also help him develop properly.