Undoubtedly, all children love to play. Just try to remind how fun was the possibility to go out to a garden, playground or simply play with the favourite toy when you were a child. Nowadays, it is visible how the times have changed and young parents often don’t have enough time or will to play with their children. This is why more and more often we can see a little child playing with its phone, tablet or another electronic device. For this reason, it is difficult to care for a child’s development. For this reason, it is worth showing the parents what little children play and what toys to choose for this purpose. 

Why is it worth to play with a child and explore the world together?

From the moment of birth, a baby is constantly learning. It’s experiencing new incentives, it sees new creatures, such as people and animals, but also it is trying to understand the surrounding sounds. Exploring the world is vital for children, and during such an adventure there can’t be a lack of parents. Each and every day it is learning how its environment is functioning and it’s trying to make a contact with it. Because parents make up different situations and engage their child to play, the possibility to use all five senses is rising. What’s interesting, the development of touch sense is beneficial to the child’s growth.

Little children, from the beginning of their life, gradually learn the world. They check how big and complicated it is. At this point, it is worth engaging yourself in games with a child, so that in the future it can function better in the surrounding world. Children are engaged a lot in exploring the world and they start to communicate better with the help of gestures, word and sounds. Moreover, at some point in their lifes, they start to stand up and walk. This is only a small bit of what is waiting for the adults. 

Children learn quickly how to walk, run and jump. It gives them way bigger possibilities to play in different ways. Some of them are more energetic, while others are less. In such a period, it is important to join your kids and make sure what to play with them, so you can give them the most enjoyable time. 

What do the little children play? Suggestions for games for children of all ages. 

The greatest impact on a child’s development has fun. The most important are the first three years of a child’s life, as during that time it is developing the fastest. In such a period, a child starts to walk, speak, make relations with its contemporaries, and show emotions. The new skills are gained while learning mostly while playing, which is both an amusement and a challenge. This is why it is worth choosing the games that connect the fun and beneficial factors.

Games for a baby below one-year-old

Games for such a tiny baby have to support its senses such as vision, touch and hearing. This is why it is vital to surround a child with vibrant toys, talk and sing to it. Another great idea is to invest in a mat that is equipped in a rattle and other gadgets that support a child’s development. The parent’s role isn’t based on delivering toys but also on motivating it to different do tasks. Turning on the sides, crawling further and further, or trying to mimic different sounds is great fun for children at that age. You must remember to gratify every trial, no matter if it’s successful or not. 

Games for a two-year-old child

In the second year of a child’s life, it is vital to plan the games, so it can develop evenly. For this reason, it is important to make sure that a child has both active and intellectual games. A good solution is to read books, showing pictures, and other elements surrounding us. For parents, it is also an amazing time as they can see a lot of smaller things that bring a lot of joy. In the age of two, children play by walking and running, so they love to play a tag game or hide and seek. Although it can’t be compared to their favourite activity, which is throwing stuff away from the toy container or destroying the block buildings.

Games with three-year-old children

Children that have turned three, should still develop their intellect and motor skills. Also at this age, parents should play with kids, however, it will be visible that they are more self-dependant and they will not always want to play with adults. Playing roles as a shop assistant, doctor, or other professional, brings a lot of fun and engages creative thinking. At this time, it is worth buying the games that will develop motor skills. It can be plasticine, puzzles, or other educational games. Three-year-olds more and more often will want to participate in the family life, helping with the home tasks. Why not to let them do it? This way they will learn how to be tidy and will appreciate the hard work done by adults.

What do the older children play?

The older the child is, the more self-dependant it is. Parents often say that they don’t know how come their child is already an adult and when all the time has passed. With the age, the difficulty level should rise. For this purpose, we can use logic games, more complex puzzles, or play charades. There are many possibilities, the only limit is our imagination. No matter how old is the child, definitely, the time spent together will bring it a lot of joy. All children need closeness and lovingness, the feeling of being safe, and support during the hard times. We should remember to give them as much as we can.