The swaddle is part of every layette for a newborn, but it turns out that choosing the perfect one can be a bit troublesome. Every mother knows that the swaddle should be large, airy and made of the best quality materials. Unfortunately, that’s not all. What else should we focus on while choosing the best bamboo swaddle? Why is wrapping it so important?

Bamboo swaddle and its wonderful properties.

The summer heat is a hard time not only for adults, but also for children. Their thin and delicate skin is exposed to burns and irritation, so it is very important to care for them properly. In addition, babies are very sensitive to high temperatures and their tiny bodies dehydrate much faster. Bamboo swaddles allow you to ensure that your baby feels comfortable during summer walks. Bamboo fabrics are distinguished by the fact that they have thermoregulatory properties. They can keep the temperature lower by up to 2 or 3 degrees Celsius in relation to the environment. It is a breathable fabric that can absorb water up to 60 percent better than cotton blankets.

Bamboo swaddles are also characterized by the fact that they protect against harmful UV radiation, which is very dangerous for the child’s skin. Of course, you should not forget about cosmetics that will provide an additional barrier against the sun’s rays for your baby. Bamboo fabrics are ecological, with antiallergic, anti-odor and antibacterial properties. They are very important during breastfeeding and infant care.

Children, especially little ones, don’t need much to be happy. One of the most important activities for them is restful sleep, thanks to which they can regenerate and absorb large amounts of information. In hot weather, it is much more difficult to guarantee optimal sleeping conditions for children. Bamboo swaddles help to create much more pleasant and healthier conditions for sleep, and thanks to their properties, they cool the body of babies. In addition, they allow the skin to breathe and prevent excessive sweating. The bamboo swaddle made of extremely durable bamboo is characterized by its versatility. An inconspicuous piece of fabric can be used in many different ways and thanks to the fact that it does not take up too much space, it is a perfect companion both at home and for walks. You can change the bamboo swaddle into a beautiful baby cocoon or as a delicate quilt while sleeping on the bed.

Does bamboo fabric have any disadvantages?

A bamboo swaddle for babies is a much better choice than a blanket made of cotton. The bamboo products have some disadvantages, but these are mainly due to its advantages. The swaddles are delicate and although strong bamboo is used for their production, it should be taken into account that they puff faster. Of course, such a blanket does not tear and is resistant to damage, but over time you can see signs of use on it. All changes are manifested by pilling, but this does not affect its properties. The bamboo swaddle also has a greater tendency to crease. However, it is reassuring that it can be ironed very easily. It should also be borne in mind that bamboo blankets take longer to dry as they can absorb more water. The last disadvantage may be the price. Cotton is much cheaper than bamboo, which of course translates into swaddles. In part, this is due to the fact that all technological processes are much more complicated and there are few manufacturers of bamboo fabric for babies on the market.

Why is wrapping so important?

Cuddling is an activity that is essential, especially during the first months of a baby’s life. The bamboo swaddle is perfect for this. It is a product that, thanks to its properties and quality, protects the child. The antibacterial effect makes the covers recommended by paediatricians. Toddlers are used to cuddling. The delicate pressure of the fabric on the entire body of the baby and the restriction of movements reminds him of being in his mother’s belly. Thanks to the wrapping, the child accepts new conditions much faster and easier and gets used to the freedom of movement. The advantage of being wrapped is also a calmer sleep. You can use a regular cotton blanket for this purpose, but a bamboo swaddle made of eco-friendly and safe material for babies will be perfect. Tight wrapping in a bamboo swaddle makes children feel safer and blocks the Moro reflex. Unexpected noise or a change in the child’s position in the first months of his life make the infant’s limbs quickly straighten. The bamboo swaddle turns out to be an extremely important and useful element of a children’s layette. If you want to take a walk with your child in the summer, but you are concerned about their skin, which is delicate to the touch and prone to irritation, you can choose a bamboo swaddle from our offer.