Educational mats got popular many years ago. Usually they can be found in a house of young parents. It can be said that it’s an obligatory element of child’s room equipment. Even babies from the first days are keen to use the educational mats.

What an educational mat is?

The educational mats are a perfect solution both for children and for parents. Babies are very interested in toys and other objects in their reach already from the first months of their lives. This is the way they learn the world, meet new shapes, check how different gadgets taste but they also play with them. The educational mat makes a child interested even for many hours. Why?

Newborns looking at hanging toys above their heads, firstly observe them and then they try to reach them. Depending on their age, children use different functions of educational mats. It is obvious that the mats are one of their favourite toys in their rooms. For the older kids, the mats can be taken to a picnic and be used as a seat, or to eat meals.

What are the advantages of the educational mats?

The educational mat has a lot to offer for both parents and children. Thanks to them, parents have more free time, whereas the youngest family members have an opportunity for an intensive development. The scientists proved that it has a positive impact on a children’s growth and it stimulates their senses. This is because of the vibrant colours, which are often used in such educational mats and the various fabric textures. 

Another advantage of the mat is the fact that it’s quick and easy to modify. The wires underneath the mattress are attached by a special velcro and such a solution allows to exchange them and the toys attached to them, so the whole system can be modified. The fabric is safe for children so parents don’t have to worry about contact with skin.

What is the function of the educational mat?

The educational mat allows a child to develop its skills and learn new things. Parents often decide to make such an investment, as it’s a great way to keep a child busy. Thanks to this solution, they have more time for themselves and the opportunity to do home tasks.

The educational mat can have a lot of functions. They mostly depend on the age of a child. The youngest babies, three-month-old, usually observe the toys hanging above their heads. After some time, they start to reach and stare at them carefully. This is the way they learn how to distinguish new objects. As it can be clearly seen, there’s added an extra set of different toys for each educational mat, which already contains various elements in contrasting colours that stimulate children’s senses.

It is worth knowing that when a child is more grown-up, the educational mat can be used differently. Surely, the mat will become its favourite mattress, which will be brought for walks. In shops there are additional extensions for the mats, which will make the fun even more diverse, also there are rolls for armpits and keyboards that make sounds. 

What is the cost of the educational mat?

The mats can be purchased online. Their price is comparable to the ones sold in ordinary toy shops. The advantages of online shopping are sales and outlets that lower the price of products significantly. For this reason, it is worth checking the available offers online, and if there’s no interesting model, visiting a toy or a child furniture shop.

What is the right age to start using the mat?

Many producers who offer such mats indicate that the mats can be used from the very first days of life – and this is true. A few weeks newborns can be laid down on the mat however they won’t be interested in anything except sleeping on it. Once getting older, they will start to be more interested in playing toys that are hanging above. 

Is it worth buying the educational mat for a child?

On each step of a child’s development, the most important is that it feels safe and that it’s got its own space. For the newborns, a bed and parents’ attention is sufficient. The floor mat will be a great solution for the older kids, as it will stimulate them and will help them to develop on different levels. An amazing advantage of the mat is its large surface and they are fully safe. The material used for the mats ensures that even after falling down, a child won’t feel its consequences.

Another positive argument for purchasing the mat is that this type of toy has many elements that make kids stretch, bend and train their little hands. Moreover, the mats have a positive influence on the development of eye-hand coordination, as well as motor skills. Additionally, the rustling, whistling, and squeaking elements, stimulate the vision, hearing and touch senses, so the kids get to know even more of the world around them. 

What to pay attention to before purchasing the educational mat?

Before choosing the model of the educational mat, it is worth paying attention to a few vital factors that condition the comfort of a child’s fun. First of all, the type of fabric that the mat was made of should be checked. It cannot be too thin, as it won’t amortize a fall down. One of the newest solutions is using a thicker upholstery foam, which will ensure a child’s safety. 

The colours are also an important factor, as they have to be contrastful enough. The best will be models that contain a few vibrant colours, so that they stimulate the child’s vision. Every mat has to have wires inside and the stronger they are, the better, so the risk of falling is low. Additionally, there should be toys included in the set, and if they’re not, it’s essential to buy them separately. From the point of view of a producer, vital things are the attests. They guarantee the safety of a child who is using the mat. Many people don’t care about it, although they should. Toys and child accessories shouldn’t be bought, unless they have the CE certificate, which ensures that the product has passed all the EU requirements and norms and are allowed to be sold. 

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