When a child comes to our world, we realize that we need a lot of things. One of them is, among others, a bib for a newborn, of which there is a lot on the market. Manufacturers have made sure that their product offers are extremely extensive in terms of both aesthetics and practicality, as well as the material used. Does the choice of a specific model matter? After all, baby bibs are just a piece of cloth that protects babies from getting dirty with saliva or food. However, it is worth realizing that there are models that should be chosen and those that should not be bought. In the maze of various offers, there are not only offers that our child can use from the first days of his life, but also those that are intended for older kids. What to look for when buying a bib? What are baby bibs for?

Are baby bibs necessary?

Baby bibs are not essential, but can be extremely useful. They will prove useful for self-consumption of meals by our child, as well as during feeding by parents. Food stains that remain on children’s clothes for a long time are often indelible and this is where the invaluable usefulness of bibs comes in. They are especially useful around the sixth month of life, when our child starts to taste new dishes. Currently, disposable and reusable versions are available on the market. Moreover, they are made of various materials.

What are the types of bibs?

Among all the offers, we can distinguish several basic types of bibs for children:

  • Classic – usually made of cotton or terry cloth. They are comfortable and can be used repeatedly, but unfortunately they are not waterproof. Most often they have Velcro fasteners or are tied around the neck.
  • Waterproof bib – it can be made of the same materials as above, but it is additionally reinforced with a waterproof material that is underneath. They can be described as oilcloth, which protects against the penetration of saliva and food through the first layer of the material.
  • Disposable bibs – as the name says, they can only be used once. Perfect for traveling, during a walk. They are made of thin and waterproof material.
  • Bibs with sleeves – also known as baby eating clothes. It is a bib that allows children to eat their own meals and taste it with their hands. It is usually waterproof, has long sleeves and is reusable.
  • Silicone bibs – a perfect solution for a toddler, which is very easy to clean. Thanks to the material used, which is not only waterproof, but also does not absorb dirt, it can be used repeatedly. It is available in virtually every store with accessories for a toddler.

What to look for when buying a bib?

Contrary to appearances, choosing a bib for feeding a baby is not so simple. First of all, the bib must be functional and fulfill the tasks entrusted to it. Of course, the most important thing is the child’s comfort, and only then all other accessories. The Velcro fastener is the perfect solution because it can be put on quickly without the child’s attention. If your baby likes to pull off the bib, choose one that goes over the head. However, it is not recommended to choose one that is tied with a string, because it takes too long to put it on. Among the useful additions, you can distinguish a box into which food remains will fall. Thanks to this, you can quickly clean up after the meal is finished, and the table will be clean.

Baby bibs – which one to choose?

The bib for a newborn baby is supposed to be, above all, a great protection, but not at the same time an unpleasant duty. It cannot be thought of as a toy, but it can certainly be taught to a toddler to use it. It would be good to buy a model that is colorful and attracts the child’s attention. The toddler will be glad to have such a bib on. In addition to the fact that it should be colorful, it is worth remembering that it should be made of waterproof material. You can choose the one with a fairy-tale motif printed or embroidered and the so-called oilcloth on the bottom. The age of the child is also very important if we decide to buy a bib. For an infant, newborn or older child, other bibs with different properties are dedicated.

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