Choosing furniture for a child’s room sometimes can be a pain. While growing up, the preferences and interior design are changing what is causing a need for buying a new wardrobe, bed, and seats. One of the most versatile types of furniture are poufs that can be used in a child’s room for many years.

What a pouf is?

Before a pouffe purchase for a child’s room, it is worth wondering what this piece of furniture actually is. Most often, it is used in a living room as an additional seat or a leg rest. Mostly, in adult rooms, it is an elegant accessory, but it also may have other functions. In a child’s room, such a piece of furniture will not play its role in the same way. Why?

Classic pouffes are small pieces of furniture, fully padded with fabric, and their shape is similar to a block. Often, they are set on little legs that help to stabilize them. Depending on the purpose, they may have hidden storage or be filled with granules. 

For a children’s room, the best type of pouf is the one filled with granules and padded with a fabric that is soft in touch. Most often, children use poufs to play, and self arrange a room as they are light.

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What is a pouf used for?

Even though this piece of furniture is so little, it can play a lot of functions. It is used to change a room arrangement while adding a contrast to the room colours. Children rarely sit in peace, so they often like to rearrange their rooms with the soft pouffes. 

Poufs are an amazing solution for small interiors where not much furniture can be fitted. Choosing a model with a storage box allows to hide toys and save space for other stuff. Children poufs with a harder and more stable top part can be used as a table to eat meals, as well as to do homework.

The pouf can be a great piece of furniture to seat for children. It will be a more comfortable way to do homework or to do other table activities like drawing, than a traditional chair. Moreover, a bigger pouf can be an amazing chair alternative for watching cartoons and movies.

For older children, fabric padded pouf can be used as a leg rest, while in case of a gathering of a larger teenager group, it will play a function of an additional seat.

Types of poufs

The variety of assortment in furniture shops lets everyone choose the right thing. Depending on the purpose there are a few types of poufs:

  • Traditional,
  • Seats with backrest,
  • Foldable,
  • Bag filled with granules 

Traditional pouffes – square-shaped, one of their main features is their elegant look. Often they are used for a beautiful interior design. They can be padded with leather, as well as with artificial fabric. Moreover, they stand on little legs for extra stability, although on the market there are more models with larger legs that beautifully fit in the Scandinavian style. They are rarely used in child rooms, but more often in living rooms due to their functionality.

Chair-shaped poufs are a great solution for teenage rooms where most of the time is spent on seating, chatting, playing games, and watching television. High-quality granule filling guarantees the comfort of sitting. 

The foldable pouf will be a very functional piece of furniture. It can be used both as a chair and or as a single bed. Because it can be used in two ways, it will be much appreciated by parents whose challenge is to decorate a little child’s room. 

Definitely, a more sophisticated choice will be a bag pouf. Thanks to the high quality of granules it’s possible to sit comfortably or even lay down on it. Little balls inside it, adjust perfectly to the shape of the body and provide the comfort of using it.

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What the pouf filling is?

The child pouf filling is often made of styrofoam granules. Most importantly it has to have the CE certificate, which ensures its high quality. In cheaper models of such furniture ground styrofoam is used but the quality is incomparably worse. 

Moreover, worse quality filling material gets used very quickly and the comfort of using is way worse. Usually, it doesn’t have the CE certificate what may have a negative impact on the child’s health and the environment.

Primarily, high quality filling guarantees comfort and it’s safe for people. Additionally, it contains compounds that have hypoallergenic features so it won’t irritate children. Poufs with the filling mentioned above usually have a zipper. Such a solution allows us to add or remove the granules.

What to keep in mind while choosing a pouf for a child?

The choice of a pouf should be conditioned by its functionality. Depending on the size of a room, as well as the interior style and child’s preference, it should meet all the basic requirements of its user.

While thinking of a pouf purchase, it is worth deciding what type we need. It will depend mostly on the role of the piece of furniture. One type will be better as a leg rest, another will be perfect as a seat for relaxation. Additionally, it is essential to consider the size and shape which will be adequate for a room.

Another crucial variable is a type of fabric that is used for padding a pouf. There is a large variety of fabrics and leathers on the market. Moreover, another essential aspect is the type of filling – granules or ground styrofoam. Also, the price should be fair to the quality.

What are the advantages of a pouf?

Most importantly, the pouffe is a versatile piece of furniture. It will fit well in a living room or in a children’s room, even on a balcony or a porch. It can be a great addition to a room design or a practical solution for a lack of space. Furthermore, chair and bag-shaped poufs are ergonomic and they adjust to a spine shape excellently. 

Choosing the better quality filling gives exceptionally comfortable results, also it is easy to move around and transport, due to its lightness.