One of the best gifts for a baby are bamboo swaddles. They are like a gentle mist which covers, protects and cools down a subtle skin during hot, summer days. They are also perfect to use indoors and many manufactures offer a set with a pillow. What makes them so extraordinary? First of all, a high-quality bamboo fabric which has fantastic features thanks to which is adored by children and their parents.

Bamboo swaddles and their features

Summer heatwaves are a struggle not only for adults but also for our children. Their thin, delicate skin is vulnerable to irritation caused by sun rays. Children are very sensitive to high temperatures which can cause quicker dehydration. Bamboo swaddles help to care well for our children and ensure relief during hot periods. Bamboo fabrics are characterized by their thermoregulating features as they keep the temperature 2 Celsius degrees lower than the temperature surrounding. Moreover, this material is breathable and it can absorb water 60% more efficiently than the cotton counterparts. Another important feature of bamboo swaddles is that they protect our children from harmful UV rays. It is vital especially during long summer walks. However, we shouldn’t forget to apply some sunscreen on a child’s skin. 

Ways of use of a bamboo swaddle

A bamboo swaddle is an absolute must-have in a child’s wardrobe. Such a blanket is a fundamental piece of equipment for your child. If our child doesn’t need to be wrapped, you can use such a blanket in other ways. It can be used as:

  • Light blanket for hot days
  • Bedsheet
  • Towel
  • Changing mat
  • Protection from staining
  • Shawl for a feeding mother

A bamboo swaddle is delicate and pleasant to touch. For this reason, it is perfect for any type of child’s skin. However, if you’re not fully convinced of such a fabric, you can also find muslin blankets and these made of cotton. Bamboo fabric is characterised not only by its thermoregulating features but also by antiallergic and antibacterial properties. In the case of newborns, a bamboo swaddle will be perfect because the baby’s skin is very sensitive and artificial fabrics could only irritate it.

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What are the advantages of bamboo swaddles?

Probably most people associate a bamboo swaddle with hard, green bamboo stalks. Often, this plant is picturised as a favourite panda’s snack. Contrary to common beliefs, bamboo fabric isn’t harsh or unpleasant in touch. The first contact with such a fabric is highly surprising because products made of such a fabric are exceptionally soft and delicate. Additionally, it’s slightly shiny and soft as velvet so it’s not a surprise that it’s becoming popular again. Yes, again, as it is already known for over 8 thousand years. Bamboo fibres come from organic plantations from the tropical Asian regions.  

  • Bamboo swaddles are one of the products that are sustainably produced
  • Bamboo swaddles are eco-friendly because these type of products are made of natural materials
  • Bamboo cotton has antiallergic, antibacterial and thermoregulating properties
  • Thanks to their characteristics and high quality, bamboo fabrics are exceptionally liquid absorbing as they can take up to 60& of water
  • Bamboo fabrics are known for their high durability and strength. 

A bamboo swaddle is one of these products which are becoming more and more available. Such a blanket is often a baby’s favourite cuddling toy. It is worth buying full bamboo sets as they are functional not only in summer but also during other periods. Children love soft items and they associate them with something pleasant. For this reason, they fall asleep faster and they sleep better.