There are different opinions about rocking children. It can be said that this activity has supporters and opponents among parents. The former focus on the fact that children need rocking, while the latter, think that this way, we spoil our kids. Nevertheless, the first group is right, because children love rocking and after all for 9 months they were rocking in their mothers’ belly. Since rocking was calming babies before birth, it will do the same after they are born. Rocking has a very positive effect on the development of children and their sense of balance, and is a great stimulus for the brain. In the future, this may translate into much easier mastery of many skills, as well as a more efficient learning process.

Wooden rocker and rocking games

It’s not about parents rocking their kids all the time or keeping them in prams, especially since kids don’t like monotony. Therefore, they should play games that use rocking. A great example can be rocking a baby in arms or rolling on a blanket. It is also worth investing in items that will replace parents’ hands. A good wooden rocker for children will surely bring the little ones a lot of joy and have a positive impact on their development.

Does the wooden rocker for children help with care?

More and more often, parents are reaching for this type of solution in the case of slightly older children. Why? Well, it makes it easier for them to take care of a toddler. Such a swing gives an opportunity to rest. Modern rockers are properly profiled and made of high-quality materials. Yes, you can use the traditional solution, such as a standard home swing, but rockers have more uses. To make a space for relaxation, it is enough to cover them with a soft blanket. Opinions about the rocker are divided, but as a rule, this applies to modern models of swings that are attached to a special frame. Experts note that in this case, the toddler’s lying position is bad and adversely affects him. Therefore, it is worth using a slightly simpler, cheaper, but more effective device, which is a wooden rocker.

How does rocking fun affect a child?

The wooden rocker influences the development of fine and gross motor skills. In addition, the vestibular system is stimulated, i.e. the sense of balance, body coordination is trained, the sense of deep feeling and eye-hand coordination are stimulated. But these are not all the advantages of the rocker. A toy of this type will be perfect when the toddler grows up, for example in the prevention of posture defects. The rocker for children affects:

Gross motor skills – it includes voluminous movements in which practically the entire body or a significant part of it is involved. Therefore, it is a broadly defined physical activity that effectively develops the nervous system of a child. When talking about gross motor, we mean such physical activity as walking, jumping, swimming, running, cycling, overcoming various obstacles, playing ball and games in which hand-eye coordination and actions related to aiming or throwing are important.

Fine motor skills – refers to movements with a smaller range that require focus, precision and concentration from a child. Fine motor skills include writing, drawing, carving, molding from plasticine, tying shoes, grasping objects, fastening buttons and all the other similar activities that develop a child.

Vestibular system – is also called the sense of balance. It is associated with all sensory systems in our body, and also contributes to the maintenance of proper muscle tone and body posture. In addition, it allows you to feel and helps to coordinate the movements of the entire body.

Deep feeling sense – this sense allows you to precisely define the position of individual parts of the body.

How to choose a good wooden rocker for a child?

For some dads and moms, the manufacturer’s brand is the most important. Of course, it has some importance, but when deciding to buy such a toy, you should first pay attention to the safety of your child. When choosing a wooden rocker for children, it is necessary to take into account:

quality of workmanship – a rocker for children should be precisely made, and even more so if it is made of wood. This means that it cannot have any protruding sharp edges, but it should be properly ground, and all joints and screws should be hidden.

material of manufacture – a wooden rocker for a child does not necessarily have to consist entirely of wood, as it may contain metal elements, such as screws, for connecting. Nevertheless, the slats should be durable, and the paints should be safe for children.

brand – products of reputable manufacturers are a guarantee that they meet all stringent EU standards. Therefore, it is worth choosing toys from proven sources.

price – this is the last factor that should be considered. Wooden rockers for children are not expensive, so you can easily buy a toy from a reputable company as a gift for a child.

What is the use of a rocker for a child?

The rocker can be a rocker, of course, but it is also suitable for playing with the parents. By adding a special platform to it, a slide is created on which the toddler can slide and at the same time stimulate the vestibular system. The rocker is also great for climbing, and for older children it can be used as a desk. In addition, toddlers can practice their balance on it, as inverted becomes a balance beam, which is a slightly higher driving school. In the case of babies, you can hang toys on it and put the baby on a mat under it, so that he can play with a rattle or other gadget.