A wooden rocking horse is a symbol of many parents’ childhood. Moreover, for many years it hasn’t become old-fashioned and sometimes it stays in a family for generations. On the market, there are many types of rocking horses for children but not any type will be adequate for your child. Just as with other toys, this one also has to be well-adjusted to your child’s age and the stage of its development. How to choose a rocking horse? What are its advantages? Is it worth buying it?

Rocking horse – is it worth purchasing it?

A wooden horse is a toy that brings children a lot of fun and amusement. Thanks to this toy, kids can spend time pleasantly and do simple physical activities or just play in an interesting way. It is important to keep balance while moving a body. The right weight distribution will allow to rock the horse but it requires a bit of training. A rocking horse is a gadget that requires some creativity as simply rocking may turn out boring after a while. In the first days of fun, we can help our child and tell it stories about knights on brave horses or a princess riding a horse on a meadow. There are many possibilities and the only limit is our imagination. 

Wooden rocking horses – how to choose the right one for your child?

A wooden rocking horse is a toy which is available in most of the shops with children’s supply. This is why the choice may not be the easiest and the quickest. First of all, we have to make sure what do we expect from the toy. Moreover, it is vital to take into account the child’s height and weight. Last but not least is safety so we should have a look at the materials used in the production of the rocking horse. Of course, the best are the wooden models which are available in our offer. 

What’s interesting, some manufacturers have such a wide offer that a wooden rocking horse doesn’t have to be a horse. Even though it is the most common model, you can also find rocking cars, whales and deers. Moreover, we should make sure to choose a toy that is aesthetic, it can look similar to a real horse or it can be a bit more abstractive. A rocking horse can be wooden with some fabrics, simply wooden or plastic. Definitely, we recommend the models made fully with natural materials. Thanks to such an approach, we are sure that the toy is safe and friendly for the environment.

It is important to make sure that the toys have the required attests and certificates which indicate that they were allowed to be sold. Often, they have to meet strict EU requirements so that our children can use them without harming themselves. According to the child’s age, we can consider some extra protection. Basically, every horse for the littlest children has a backrest which secures from falls. It is worth making sure that we choose a high-quality product. Any sharp and standing out edges should be reported to the manufacturer. 

The most popular types of rocking horses

The most popular rocking horse model is definitely a brown one with an imitation of saddle and reins which is attached to wooden skids. It is a universal gadget that suits both girls and boys. This model is well-known by parents. The cheaper counterparts are the plastic rocking horses, equipped with a wider saddle which are a great option for the youngest children. What’s important, this model can be set on a single or a double skid. When it comes to the aesthetic side, it is quite objective, however, it doesn’t change the fact the wooden and textile horses present way better. 

A novelty are toys in unordinary colours. More often we can encounter pink unicorns, red cars, blue whales and other models that don’t resemble a classic rocking horse. It is worth considering such a choice because your child may get bored quickly of the colour or the general appearance. We know that you can’t go wrong with the classic model. 

Rocker – an alternative to a wooden rocking horse

Rocker for children is an alternative which is becoming more and more popular among parents and children. Often, they are made from plastic, are wide and stable, additionally, they are a single element product what positively impacts the safety of usage. Basically, there is no way a child can fall down. Moreover, these are lower so your child won’t have any problem to get in or out of such a toy. The range of rocking is the same as in the ordinary rocking horse. An advantage of the rockers is that they don’t require much space and they are easy to move around as they are light and they are equipped with handles. 

Nevertheless, in a child’s room there can’t be missing a toy that brings a lot of fun. It definitely can be a wooden rocking horse. This type of toys has a positive impact on a child’s development and we can be sure that our child will be active even in the cold seasons.