Children's pouf

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Velvet pouf – an excellent gadget not only for sitting

Are you looking for something absolutely unconventional for your child, which will be both a great place to rest and a help to learn to get up?
The pouf from the Velvet collection is a unique product – large, soft, comfortable seat, upholstered in velvet fabric, in an unusual shape. Its proper softness and profiling allows for trouble-free rest, but above all it becomes a great helper when learning to get up and take the first steps. Every new parent knows how important motor development is in the first year of a child’s life, and our product greatly facilitates this learning, making it safe.
The design itself and the choice of colors makes the pouf not only a useful piece of furniture, but also a unique element of the decor. In addition, the zipper built into the pouch allows you to take off if necessary and wash.
Maximum comfort can be confirmed not only by satisfied customers, but also by our office employees. 😉

Why Misioo and OUR PRODUCT?

  • Safety guarantee for your child!
  • High seat comfort
  • Unique design
  • Polish production
  • A simple, clean cover made of pleasant to touch fabric
  • Huge selection of colors!

Children's pouf

69,64 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, Lila/Grey Pom Pom

59,99 £

Pouf – Flower, Grey

59,99 £

Pouf – Flower, Lila

69,64 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, Gold/Grey Pom Pom

69,64 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, Grey/Grey Pom Pom

66,39 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, White Marble/Grey Pom Pom

Pouf Bag, Navy Blue/Grey Pom Pom, Bag
69,64 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, Navy Blue/Grey Pom Pom

63,40 £

Pouf – Star, Lila

69,64 £

Pouf Bag – Bag, Pink/Grey Pom Pom

Pouf, White Marble, Flower
58,02 £

Pouf – Flower, White Marble

62,04 £

Pouf – Rabbit, Lila

57,68 £

Pouf Bag – Baby Bag, Grey/Grey Pom Pom