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Velvet, Active, Smart or Wood?

In this section we present our range in collections, here you can easily find what you are looking for!



The Smart Collection, which includes ball pools, poufs, seats and canopies, is handmade exclusively from natural fabrics. Elements of the collection are a perfect addition to the children’s room!
Choose an interesting element from the collection, great colors and excellent fabrics are waiting to inspire you!

Smart is primarily a thoughtful design and full functionality. The highest-quality filling foam and cover made of natural fabrics (as much as 95% cotton!), As well as careful hand-made workmanship make our products boldly Premium products.
A large selection of inspiring designs and colors will allow you to find the perfect pool, pouffe or a car seat for your little one!
Be Smart!

Velvet Collection

We believe that children deserve the very best. It was the motivation and inspiration for us to develop the Velvet range. We went one step further and created a homogeneous collection in unique colors that combine functionality with sublime design.

Active Ballpit

Dry ball pool for outdoor? Why not!

The collection was created for free time on warm days, where children can enjoy the beautiful weather. We don’t want to limit the fun in the pool to just the children’s room, which is why the pools from the summer collection are made of waterproof and UV-resistant material. It is an ideal element of the terrace or garden equipment.


The vision of a child looking out from behind a window on a cloudy autumn day was the inspiration for us to create something very special that would be fun to play in the same way as outside in the garden. In the search for solutions, we came up with the idea of developing products that complement the child’s realm with new attractions. This is exactly how the Wood collection came about.