Smart Ball pool

About these products

Dry Pool, a brilliant gadget for the children’s room.

The dry bale pool combines the two most important functions that parents pay attention to: it is designed to ensure the safety of your children and support their development at the most important moment in life – on the stage of world exploration. Our pool transforms the children’s room into a real kingdom full of fun, creates amazing emotions and puts a smile on the child’s face. Dry pools are a great place to play balls, but even without them, it’s an ideal place to rest, get up, or take your first steps. The empty swimming pool can also be used as a practical and pleasant to touch safety area for your children to play.

Why Misioo and OUR PRODUCT?

  • Ball pools are primarily fun!
  • We ensure safety while having fun thanks to the highest quality soft but durable foam
  • Cover made of natural material that can be easily removed and washed
  • Thoughtful, balanced design
  • Huge selection of designs and colors!

Smart Ball pool