Cradle swing

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I am one of those people who cannot pass a swing. Yes, childhood memories are attached to it.
Just like babies, they like rocking and rocking because it stimulates time in the womb.
The feeling of security among our little ones arises already during pregnancy: it swings back and forth when mom moves.

Give your child a good night’s sleep.

We know perfectly well how often parents have to face when sleeping a baby. With a variety of cradles at your disposal, bringing your baby to peace can still be problematic. Wondering where the problem may be, we came to the conclusion that one of the factors hindering falling asleep may be the perfect construction of cradles. Skids in contact with the floor are often quite noisy. That is why we have created a special kind of swings that act as a rocker. A calm movement, like a hammock, is something that calms the child best, the lack of sounds from the skids additionally intensifies the sleep power of this product.


    • Careful manufacturing within the EU
    • Highest quality components
    • Thoughtful and aesthetic design

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Cradle swing

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