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Acting in harmony with nature does not have to be boring!

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Worth knowing

Safe for your child

Safe for your child

Has a positive effect on the development and rehabilitation of the child

Has a positive effect on the development and rehabilitation of the child

Made entirely of foam (sides and bottom)

Made entirely of foam (sides and bottom)

Zipper cover, removable for washing

Zipper cover, removable for washing

Is it possible to take care of the environment while giving your baby a lot of fun? Of course! Dry Ball Pools made of recycling materials are above all a child’s joy, a sense of proper development and care for the environment.

The Eco dry pool is the highest quality product created for crazy, but completely safe fun. Made out of soft but durable upholstery foam, and covered with solid fabric 100% recycled (100% PET). Any toddler will be able to resist the joyful fun in our pool!
When designing our wells, we had in mind that the best product is one that, apart from entertainment, will also provide benefits related to the child’s development and progress. Thanks to this combination, young parents can be sure that they are giving their child something that will positively affect their coordination, mental and emotional development.
The cover has been equipped with a zip, thanks to which you can easily remove it if necessary and wash it. 30 ° C is enough.

The basic price for the pool does not include balls. You can add them freely in the menu below, choose the number of colors, choose the wished colours and specify the size of the packaging. We can only say – the more the better the fun!


  • is intended to play under the supervision of an adult, which has a positive effect on the development of the child and on rehabilitation.
  • is ideal for fun at home
  • made entirely of foam (sides and bottom)
  • covered with a 100% recycled fabrc!(100% PET)
  • Zipper, removable for washing (wash at 30°C)


  • Diameter: 90 cm
  • Hight: 40 cm (für Kinder ab 6 Monaten)
  • Wall thickness about 6 cm
  • Bottom thickness about 1.5 cm

Recommended number of balls

  • 200pcs. – 33% fulfillment
  • 300pcs. – 50% fulfillment
  • 400pcs. – 70% fulfillment – enough!


The colors of the elements in the images may differ slightly from the actual colors due to the computer and monitor settings (e.g. color saturation).

The basic price of the pool does not include balls

You can add them as you like, we have 30 colors and 5 variations of the pack size!



Cover and foam – 12 months, balls – 6 months

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