Highest Quality Cotton Canopy Decoration for a Child’s Bed

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

It creates a pleasant atmosphere

It creates a pleasant atmosphere

Made of thick cotton and with metal rings

Made of thick cotton and with metal rings

Washing temperature 30 ° C

Washing temperature 30 ° C

What child could fail to be excited by this gorgeous handmade cotton canopy, perfect for adding an extra play space to their room? As a parent, you can undoubtedly rest assured that you have purchased the highest quality canopy decoration, giving a fun teepee tent for hours of imaginative play. What could it be? A pirate ship, maybe a space rocket or a castle fit for any prince or princess?

Handmade, Comfortable Cotton Canopy

Different colors available to match the furniture in any child’s room
Fits above the child’s bed to provide extra play space
High-quality material, robust and comfortable cotton which won’t perforate
This is no ordinary cotton canopy, not to be confused with a mass produced item. Your child will instinctively know how to play and what to do when they see it, limited only by their imagination. It is easy to set up, using a simple wall hook, and equally simple to remove when cleaning is required. And, by the way, yes, it will fit in a washing machine. Being of the highest quality, you would not be embarrassed to give this as a gift to friends and family.


100% Cotton

Temperature 30 ° C


  • height: 250 cm,
  • Rim diameter: 50 cm

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