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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

Positive impact on child's development and rehabilitation

Positive impact on child's development and rehabilitation

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Our pools are mainly developed for fun with the highest avileable quality.

We went one step further! The Ballpit’s of the Comfort+ series have a completely new shape, which offers maximum comfort and at the same time with lots of fun!
The characteristic profile enables a much more comfortable playground, while the safety of the children is still maintained. Firm foam coated with a pleasant Velvet gives your child kinetic irritation that will definitely affect their sensory development and encourage them to take advantage of it. The highest quality components and careful processing make our product extremely durable and withstand all the fun, even the craziest one’s!
It is not the only feature of this product that your toddler will have a blast! With the development of our products, we wanted to have the greatest impact on toddler development, which resulted in a toy that undoubtedly facilitates progress in the physical, mental, and emotional realms.
Many parents have already trusted us, as have kindergartens and infant school’s. Trust us and you!


The basic price for the pool does not include balls. You can add them freely in the menu below, choose the number of colors, choose the wished colours and specify the size of the packaging. We can only say – the more the better the fun!


  • is intended for play (under the supervision of an adult), which has a positive effect on the development of the child and on rehabilitation
  • perfect for fun in the house
  • entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)
  • covered with a Velvet cover(100% Polyester)


Round ball pit:

  • Outside: 100cm x 45cm
  • Inside: 90cm x 40cm
  • wall thickness 10 cm
  • bottom thickness 1,5 cm

Square ball pit:

  • Outside: 110 cm x 110 cm x 45cm
  • Inside: 90cm x 90cm x 40cm
  • wall thickness 10 cm
  • bottom thickness 1,5 cm

*Please note: colors of the products in the pictures may differ slightly from real shades due to screen saturation and setup

The basic price of the pool does not include balls

You can add them as many as you like, we have 30 colors and 5 variations of the pack size!



Cover and foam- 12 months, balls – 6 months

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