Premium Armchair

Lend a bit of unconventional beauty to your child’s room furniture with the Misioo 2 Armchairs Premium.

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

These armchair feature soft fabric and foam to ensures that your little one has a cozy spot to relax when in the movie room, reading room, playroom, or bedroom at any time of the day. Handmade in Europe with the highest quality material, this kids’ armchairs are safe and durable.

Premium quality children’s armchairs
Safe and durable
• Variety of colors
Perfect gift for children

Let your children read, watch TV, and snack when seated with unending entertainment when you gift them this sturdy armchair. The Misioo 2 Armchairs Premium feature visually appealing colors and patterns which make your child fall in love at first sight. It also improves your interior decor. These armchairs are made with a solid wood frame for durability but feature soft material to create a comfortable place and ensure your child is always safe. Plus, the chair passes all tests and certifications. It is non-toxic not just to protect your child but also the environment.



  • height- 58 cm
  • width- 44 cm
  • seat depth – 26 cm


A single product can be adapted to the most demanding interiors, and the entire collection can be a style pillar when decorating a children’s room.


The premium seat was created as a seating element. Together with the footrest you get a perfect set, after all it is a premium armchair.


Complies with strict national and EU standards.

Handmade in Europe



21 months

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