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Your children will feel so grown-up having their own set of furniture, a comfortable place to relax with friends.

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Worth knowing

Safe for children

Safe for children

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Comfort for your child, beautiful looks for you

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Entirely made of foam (sides and bottom)

Handmade in Europe to the highest quality standards, parents will be pleased with the variety of colors available to match the decor in any room, and of course, the kids will find the products visually appealing. Children won’t be able to resist the soft, velvet touch, and will be equally thrilled whether you choose light gray, pink or lilac. Sturdy yet lightweight, easy to move from room to room.
With such a simple, yet stylish design, kids, will instinctively know what to do with the furniture, finding it the ideal place to lounge while reading or watching TV. There are no worries as regards safety, as there are no hard frames or unstable partitions, and most importantly, the furniture has nothing to present a choking hazard. Fun times are assured, with the products having passed the relevant tests and certifications for allergies, with no toxic materials used in their construction.
With such high quality, you can not only use the items indoors and outdoors, but the robust and durable material will not perforate easily, and the playful items will continue to delight for many years. Constructed by skilled craftsmen located in Poland, this furniture set is best suited to children over the age of 12 months, who can sit up unaided. The sofa is a generous size, comfortably seating three children for maximum enjoyment.



Sofa, armchair and footrest


  • height – 60 cm
  • width – 132 cm entire sofa, 44 cm single armchair
  • seat depth- 26 cm


The entire collection can be a style pillar when you are decorating a children’s room.


The premium set was developed as an independent element for sitting, playing and relaxing. Together with the footrest, the sofa and armchair form an uncompromising set, children deserve the best!


Complies with strict national and EU standards.

Handmade in Europe



20 months

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